Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Countdown @ Laines & Papermarket!!

Today's my "day" of the Christmas Blog Post at Laines & Papermarket. There's only 6 of the beautiful post it notes today so be the first to rush down and get your free gift! And do some Christmas shopping too with our fabulous deals and fantastic products!
Come on down now! What are you waiting for??


Thursday, December 2, 2010

You're the Light of My Life

I have actually been scrapping alot. I just didn't have the time to put up pics!
Here's one that I did quite recently and it's now displaying at Laines.
I took the idea from one of Sharon's recent layouts where she used the shaped paper and made it flip by using washi tape as the hinge. It was a brilliant idea where we can put many photos on just one layout!
And just yesterday, a Japanese lady asked to take photos of it so she could do a similar layout of her own. Hee hee! And I managed to convince her that she needed quite a number of things in order to complete that layout!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When is work not work??

Answer : When work is your hobby!
But still..... I'm so very tired after so much work and deadlines, packing, teaching, retail and I can't even remember what not! Hopefully this is just for the busy months of November and December. We're still having very packed classes. Maybe coz it's holidays and mothers are no longer so stressed out over exams! Our classes these 2 months are really good and I'm having fun teaching them even though all my classes are full and cannot complete type of classes!
Just yesterday I had 2 fully packed classes that cannot be finished in the 3 hours. I was actually quite stresses out the day before. Brought Red Bull to give me the energy and the brain boost! Towards the end of the night class, I was seeing stars and my brain was buzzing. Finally when most of the customers left, I kinda collapsed onto the chair and stoned! Could not even bring myself to stand up and go home! Lucky hubby not working and came to pick me. Otherwise I'd probably sleep at work! Hahaha!!
Well, you have heard my story and know that our classes are stunning! Come come and see for yourself!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More stuff for an already overcrowded space!!

I know that I've already posted most of these on Shopping Saturday but I still feel the need to post it on my own blog simply cos I really really love the recent stuff that came in!!! I went totally bonkers and bought sooooo much stuff. AGAIN!! Even the rest of the retail staff are shaking their heads at me. They probably think I need to have my head checked!! Wahahahaha!
Lookie here! Who in the world can resist THIS??!! It's a mini Peek-A-Book album by Melissa Frances. I'm not a huge fan but this time round, her stuff made me want to scream and tear out my hair!
This is the mini onesies from GLitz Design. Many many many pieces came in. But 2 days later, many many many pieces also went out!! Lovely aren't they?!
Again, I could not resist the stickers by K&Co. They are pretty reasonably priced and so as usual, I let my heart rule my wallet. Isn't it a beauty?!
Don't even ask how many I bought!!! So many that when I paid, I used cash so that there will be NO TRACE!! I sacrificed my lunch for several days for this leh!!
I just hope the husband is not reading this. He sometimes does...
Ok, will go play more mahjong and hope that I will win enough money for more stuff!!!!!!! (hopelessly addicted)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A very Interesting Candle/Flower Holder

Have not been blogging for some time. AGAIN! Well, been super busy at work and now's the time for exams and so on and so forth...
Here's a new project that I came up with some time ago. I used alot of Tattered Angels products for this. Using the Glam, take a brush and paint it all around a sheet of transparency. (the ones that you can get at any stationery shop) It will dry quite fast. I was surprised that it actually could dry and not peel off too. So with that pretty sheet of painted transparency sitting around, I thought for a long time before I hit upon the idea of making a candle or flower holder. Then I selected some flowers, from Prima and Daiso (hee hee!!) and used the Glimmer Glaze and painted the white ones. See the shimmer in the last picture? I love love love that effect!!
I also sprayed Glimmer Mist over the doillie to make it less stark white. End result! Hope you like it!
Do come on down to Laines Papeterie if you wish to know more of how to make this very pretty candle/flower stand!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Woopeeee!!! We've got more and more people on our team! (Does that mean less work for me??!! Wahahahaha!) Here's the newly updated list for our new Creative Team members! Congrats ladies!
Most of them I know. The new faces for me are Janice and Justina. Hope to get to know you gals better!!
Welcome Susan! Love your work for the longest time! Michelle has already been with us for some time, teaching part time at PMKT PS. Happy to have you on board!
And not forgetting Betty! Our all time fav!! Yeah yeah Betty! July is another of my fav person! She's such a talent and a dear dear friend!
The rest of them all have their blogs on my blog list! Be sure to visit all of them to leave many many love love! Muacks!
Happy Friday! It's a long long day/night for me!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lazy lazy me!!

I keep telling myself that I need to maintain my blog cos I've got really nice customers who keep telling me that they visit my blog but find that I've not updated for a long time and then they dont come back anymore!! Sob Sob! I really really try hard. Even my facebook account remains quite dormant until I remember that I've got an account that I need to maintain!
I'm actually quite ashamed of myself really. There are so many of my friends out there too who are working mothers and yet they find time to update their blog, keep people informed on their facebook and still find time to scrap and spend time with their kids!! I really need to watch less TV! Seems that when I should be blogging or scrapping or doing some sorta more useful stuff (like save the world!!) I'm facing the box. It is always easier to press that little "on" button, kick back on my comfy sofa, have a nice little drink in my hands and watch my favourite cooking programs! (Yeap, me looooooove cooking shows!) Especially when I know that if I start scrapping, my little toddler with the itchy, greedy little fingers would be all over my work and stuff.
Excuses, excuses! But hey, I've got some scrapping done though.
Here's one with my all time favourite.... Tattered Angels glimmers and glazes! I've used them all here! The background has shimmery white and transparent misted and splattered all over it. The white dollie has red misted all over it and I went a little nutz and misted the gold transparent shimmer over the whole layout! (I covered up the photo of course!)
Hee hee! I actually "stole" the flower clustered with pin idea from Jaz's class! It's so nice, how to resist??!! Sorry Jaz!!

Here's a close up of the crazy glimmer, glaze spraying and splattering stage that I went through! I'm now all splattered and misted out. Till the next splatter session then!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New CHA stuff to play with!!

Heeeeyy!! When the gals came back from CHA, they didn't forget us folks who didn't have the chance to go. Mer Mer brought back for us some really "solid" goodies from CHA and I'm now finally allowed to post cos the stuff have arrived at Laines! Yipeeee!!
Here's the fantastic Studio Calico, Documentary. I love love love the papers with the cameras and the scooters and the map and the aeroplanes and the.... well, I love 'em all!!

I also did up a layout with it but it isn't quite ready yet so I'm only showing part of it. Hee hee!

AND there's my all time favourite brand, My Mind's Eye. I've got so many of their papers that I can devote a whole rack just to them. Now that I've got my grubby little hands on their newest range, I can't help but squeak in delight! I have already done up quite a few stuff with their generous packs and I can't wait to show it off!

My favourite too!! *Squeak squeak*!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tattered Angels glimmers, glazes, mists!! And what's more, I actually found out that I could use the built in brush in the Glaze and splatter it onto paper and make beautiful splotches and splats. WooooHooo!!

Here's the splotchy splotchy splats. Oooooo! Me lovey lovey them! So nice so nice! Try it out, don't be afraid to splatter it all over your art work.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's August already!!

I thought that I had been quite regular in updating my blog. Apparently not, as I discovered when I saw that last date that I posted. Hee hee! How can time fly by sooooo fast??!!
I think I know though. When you are enjoying yourself, you have stuff to do, places to go and people to meet, time does have a way of speeding through!
I have been teaching at Laines for the past 8months already. I still find it hard to believe that so much time has flown by. It sometimes feels as if I've only just joined them. But for the simple fact that I know/have almost everything at my fingertips just proves to myself how far I have come from the super blur and confused person when I 1st joined!
There are times when I wish I could stay at home and be with my kids. I miss them terribly and I want to spend all my time with them instead of letting the maid be my stand in. However, I know that if I had to stay home full time, I'd probably go stark raving MAD! So, I have my hands very full balancing my kids, work and scrapping. When I say scrapping, I mean my own stuff and nothing to do with work. Oh, I love work and teaching and designing and stuff. But nothing beats digging out my own stash and having a blast of a time with close friends and fellow scrappers!

Oh well! I need to go now! Need to dig out that little bit of time in between my little girl's nap and my boy's tuition time to have a bit of scrapping done!

Leaving you with a Webster's challenge page!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More craze! Wow!

For an Instant, Love can change the World
I recently dug out my wedding photos to do my August class project and I went on a "wedding" binge! Hee hee! I thought that I should try to make as many layouts as I could cos they're probably the only photos I have that I actually look good in. I'm not terribly photogenic and nowadays, I dont really have alot of nice shots of me and hubby.
In Dreams & in Love
I got my lovely title ideas from a Fiskars stamp set on love. The quotes were beautiful and since I've got crappy title skills, I decided to hijack other more skillful poets! This trio of gorgeous beads are from a large pack of beads that I bought from Spotlight upteen years ago and never used. Papers are from Basic Grey and are about 2 years old. Still lovely and very relavant to the occasion.
My Hollywood Walk of Fame
This is Bri pretending to be a Hollywood star as she puts her hand onto the floor of the cruise ship. Bran has almost the exact pose when we went to the Hong Kong Walk of Fame and had his hands on the real walk. Will develop both photos again and do another layout.
Here's 2 transparency butterflies that I hijacked from Jaz's Envelope class in June. Hehehehe!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sudden scrapbook craze!!

Went a little scrap crazy recently!! I had this really strong urge to complete all my older projects as well as do up new ones!! Hahahahaha! I'm using really old MME, 7 Gypsies papers. Thought they still look so good. I also made some flowers from strips of paper twirled round and round using my all time favourite adhesive, Beacons! Yeah!!
Double the Joy
Here's one for my cousin's twin girls. They are so so so adorable and lovable! They are now in Primary One already and this was taken like umpteen years ago!
Dare To Dream
This was a shot taken in Japan. It was in summer and the heat was so bad, we were wondering if anytime someone was going to get heatstroke! Brandon's cheek was so red! It was a picture perfect moment!
Hug Me Tight
We were in the car and Brother and Sister suddenly became very loving and kept hugging each other! It was really amusing to watch them. I just wish they were like this more often!
I'm Applying for the ROLE ......

This is Brianna being cheeky and adorable! She loves to pose and make funny faces so I made this layout seem as if she was applying for an acting job at TCS! Hahaha!
And these are the flowers made from paper strips. I was scrapping at my MIL's place (yes yes, I bring my scrap stuff EVERYWHERE!!) and I didnt bring along any flowers. So I thought that it really has been a long time since I actually MADE anything! There are so many many ready made stuff out there nowadays! These flowers are really easy to make and look so shabby. Hmmmmm.... I might just use this for the next class!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laines Sneak Peaks for July Classes!

This month at Laines, we have 6 classes. But 2 classes will only be conducted once. They are the very special projects done by Merdrey! One gorgeous project is a Hambly album made from scratch and contains so much stuff that it's a miracle that it has not burst with all the goodies!! The other project is a 2 page layout which is very pink and cute! If you love having interactive stuff on your page, you should really do this class!
There are 2 albums this month from Sharon, Stamping and Bowlin. Beautifully done (as usual) and so touchy feely!! I'm very tempted to take them home myself! Arghhhh!!
And last but not least, our all time favourite layering queen, Jaz! She has outdone herself this month by having a 2 page layout class and a 1 page layout class. All the beautiful layering and special vintage stuff that is used.... Hmmmmm! Yummylicious!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have you seen such pretty flowers??!!

Recently, an old friend asked if I have any crochet flowers. I do have quite a few actually. I dug out some and realized that they were way too pretty to be kept hidden! They were crochetted by my mum some time back when I began the craze for scrapbooking. I wanted flowers that no one else had and "stole" some of my mums crochet flowers to put onto my layouts!
So here's a collection of crochet stuff that my mum did for me! Enjoy!

What inspires you?

I often ask my scrapping pals what inspires them. But whenever I'm scrapping, I don't consciously think of what inspires me. Do I really need inspiration? Or do I need a bolt of lightning? Hahahaha!
I am often stuck when doing layouts or altered art. It gets worse when I need to design for class and I have a deadline hanging over my head. Then I walk away from my project and flip through magazines, turn on the computer, browse other talented scrappers, check out the latest products. I am very inspired by what I see online and in magazines. THEN I GO TO SLEEP AND EVERYTHING IS LOST!!!! Arghhhhh!!!
Then how? Like that? Die la!!
So, day after day, I plod on, wondering what inspires me... More importantly, what inspires those talents out there?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sneaks of my June class at Laines!

Here're some sneaks of my upcoming layout in June at Laines Paperterie. There's quite a number of fun Tim Holtz teachniques to be learnt here. Me thinks it might have been a little too many!! Hee hee! Hope can finish on time!!
Shiny shiny shiny!! Wanna know how to create this effect? It's a part Tim Holtz and part "Shirley does not know where else to get materials" effort! Hahahaha!
This is a really interesting texture using Tim Holtz resist idea. Lucky I managed to snag a really good stamp to use for this!
I love the 7Gypsies transparent layer. It's just gorgeous! The colours, text and look go so well with the overall look. Doesn't everyone love music notes? Especially when it's on a sheer ribbon!
Okie, hope the sneaks look tempting enough for you! Do come down to Laines to register for your classes before they run out!!
There will be a whole lot of classes (10, I think!!) this month at Laines and Papermarket @ PS. Coz Papermarket @ RC is undergoing a change in address and renovation! Yep, we're moving to a better, brighter and even BIGGER location at the basement of Raffles City!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wintage box at a steal!

I know that this is not an original nor is it a true antique. It's just that as I was walking through the streets of Chinatown after dim sum, this gorgeous box caught my eye. It wasn't expensive at all and I could even bargain with the owner! So, I quickly slashed the price as much as 30% and the guy gave it to me!
Isn't is just gorgeous?! But ermmm.... I just noticed that the inside of the box seems quite gruesome... I can't really read all the words but the pic... Hmmmm... Never mind la, I likey!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sneak Peeks at Laine's!!

This month I designed 2 interactive layouts that Sharon fittingly called "Push and Pull"! Hee hee! Coz I made it such that one of the layouts has a hidden mechanism that seems able to move rather mysteriously! All you have to do is pull on one of the tags and the other end moves too! Fun huh?! I enjoyed making it so much that I made a few of them for my mum and aunt so they could put my kids pictures in them and show off to their friends! These tags can be made on their own and put on cards, mini albums, or simply used on its own.
The other layout is a pinky and romantic one. It also has a hidden part where more photos can go into. Again there is a push and pull technique but this one is simpler. But no less fun as you can put in hidden pics of boyfriends, kissing scenes (hee hee!) etc!
So come on down to Laine's and book a space before they're all gone!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Me & Yanni at the new store at Plaza Singapura

Those lovely flowers that look good enough to eat are created by Yanni, our super talented lady at the new Papermarket. I could not help taking a pic with her and those flowers! Yeeeeeee! Love 'em!

I love the new Papermarket store at PS!!

I just love the new store!! Arghhhhh!!! Even though it's similar to the one at RC, I just love love love this mini version of it. Maybe its coz of the new concept of "fast food" scrapbooking. Or maybe its coz of the cozy layout of the store. Or maybe its coz of the beautiful chalking done by Merdrey. Or maybe its coz of the bar top counter. Or maybe its coz of the paper butcher that can cut all sorts of fantastic stuff. Or maybe its coz it has all those cutesey pens that I love. Arghhhhh!!!! How I love the new store!

Can you believe Boss came up with the fantastic idea of open concept scrapbooking? I love that idea! I love the fact that we can just scrap something on the spot even though we don't have photos on hand. Just so long as you have your handphone (who doesnt????!!!!) you can print your photos on the spot and just scrap!! It just takes an hour or more to come up with a fast and gorgeous project for that special someone. And every month, there are different projects that you can do. How cool is that??!!

One of these days, I'm so gonnna just go down and bother those lovely and lucky gals who are "parked" at that counter and do up a project of my own! Just for the fun of it!