Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When is work not work??

Answer : When work is your hobby!
But still..... I'm so very tired after so much work and deadlines, packing, teaching, retail and I can't even remember what not! Hopefully this is just for the busy months of November and December. We're still having very packed classes. Maybe coz it's holidays and mothers are no longer so stressed out over exams! Our classes these 2 months are really good and I'm having fun teaching them even though all my classes are full and cannot complete type of classes!
Just yesterday I had 2 fully packed classes that cannot be finished in the 3 hours. I was actually quite stresses out the day before. Brought Red Bull to give me the energy and the brain boost! Towards the end of the night class, I was seeing stars and my brain was buzzing. Finally when most of the customers left, I kinda collapsed onto the chair and stoned! Could not even bring myself to stand up and go home! Lucky hubby not working and came to pick me. Otherwise I'd probably sleep at work! Hahaha!!
Well, you have heard my story and know that our classes are stunning! Come come and see for yourself!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More stuff for an already overcrowded space!!

I know that I've already posted most of these on Shopping Saturday but I still feel the need to post it on my own blog simply cos I really really love the recent stuff that came in!!! I went totally bonkers and bought sooooo much stuff. AGAIN!! Even the rest of the retail staff are shaking their heads at me. They probably think I need to have my head checked!! Wahahahaha!
Lookie here! Who in the world can resist THIS??!! It's a mini Peek-A-Book album by Melissa Frances. I'm not a huge fan but this time round, her stuff made me want to scream and tear out my hair!
This is the mini onesies from GLitz Design. Many many many pieces came in. But 2 days later, many many many pieces also went out!! Lovely aren't they?!
Again, I could not resist the stickers by K&Co. They are pretty reasonably priced and so as usual, I let my heart rule my wallet. Isn't it a beauty?!
Don't even ask how many I bought!!! So many that when I paid, I used cash so that there will be NO TRACE!! I sacrificed my lunch for several days for this leh!!
I just hope the husband is not reading this. He sometimes does...
Ok, will go play more mahjong and hope that I will win enough money for more stuff!!!!!!! (hopelessly addicted)