Monday, July 12, 2010

More craze! Wow!

For an Instant, Love can change the World
I recently dug out my wedding photos to do my August class project and I went on a "wedding" binge! Hee hee! I thought that I should try to make as many layouts as I could cos they're probably the only photos I have that I actually look good in. I'm not terribly photogenic and nowadays, I dont really have alot of nice shots of me and hubby.
In Dreams & in Love
I got my lovely title ideas from a Fiskars stamp set on love. The quotes were beautiful and since I've got crappy title skills, I decided to hijack other more skillful poets! This trio of gorgeous beads are from a large pack of beads that I bought from Spotlight upteen years ago and never used. Papers are from Basic Grey and are about 2 years old. Still lovely and very relavant to the occasion.
My Hollywood Walk of Fame
This is Bri pretending to be a Hollywood star as she puts her hand onto the floor of the cruise ship. Bran has almost the exact pose when we went to the Hong Kong Walk of Fame and had his hands on the real walk. Will develop both photos again and do another layout.
Here's 2 transparency butterflies that I hijacked from Jaz's Envelope class in June. Hehehehe!


Yin said...

Lovely LO's Shirley!!!

sharon Ong said...

so much lovely work Shirley!!!

Edleen said...

must dress up and make up more when we meet up k? ;) hehe...

these are really lovely Shir! we'll catch up soon yeah.

Merdrey said... take Jaz's butterfly..i tell her i tell her!!! =) Great work!! Ditto to Ed!! you wear nice nice we take photo of you!! *click click*

jazsutra said...

Shir, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! no wonder i searched high and low for the buterflies cannot find until i drop by here WAHAHAHAHAH! glad you like and used them lor ;)
and ncie layouts, wow you no bluff, you are on a strong urge to scrap!!! they are lovely!!!

the wedding photos so gorgeous! okay, we make appontment one day take photos together with the girls ;)
enjoy your weekend ;)