Friday, August 28, 2009

Mommies day out!


This is the 1st time I'm meeting so many scrappers at J's place. Some of them are old time friends and some I'm meeting for the 1st time. But regardless of how long we knew each other, there was instant bonding. There's really something to be said for this scrapping hobby. It's an expensive hobby, but the rewards of having and meeting friends like these... Priceless! (Sorry for sounding like the advertisment!) We all had so so so so much fun!! Talking, gossiping, eating, laughing, sharing! I'm so gonna remember this day. It's really been such a long time since I enjoyed myself so much with so little restrain. Sometimes, with colleagues, it's quite a different type of feeling and depending on what type of colleague you go out with, there's always a level of guardedness and isolation. Today was really a hang loose and let your hair down kinda meeting. Ladies, I just wanna thank you all for such a GREAT GREAT time and your priceless company! May we be able to do this again! But must find another location or else J will collaspe and faint!!!! Wahahahaha!
I really love this candid shot of E taking a "lovey dovey" shot of herself and A! Hahahaha! It was just such a scrappy shot!

Sexy sexy sexy leggy! Hee hee! Don't kill me for posting this eh, Mee Kia Girl!
Trying for an "artistic" shot with mini digi cam. Not so successful eh! Looks more like a wrong shot that's back lighted.....

Don't we all look like we're having fun?!

Of course we had to have food right? What's a day out without loads of sinfully yummlicious snacks, drinks, cakes, salads... *Smack lips*!

And what's the use of 8 gorgeous scrappers coming together without at least a gorgeous scrapping bag??!! Thankx S for the lovely shot of your lovely bag! Ok, that's all for the pics! I'm off to buy that bag! Online of course, at this time of the night!

Monday, August 24, 2009

More layouts!

Did I mention.... I'm in a posting frenzy!! How can anyone understand the computer so well??!! I'm so very blessed that I have such a fantastic husband who is so good and so willing to help me resolve my computer problems! Lovely!
Here's one I did a couple days ago.

Gentle Giants


Roamy has gone back to Scotland. We'll miss him and his family. We've had so much fun together in the short time that we knew each other. But we made a promise to them that we'll go visit them when Bri is older. I so wish to go Scotland too! Read so much about Scotland and Ireland that going there will be a wish come true and a vision fullfilled!

Norwegian reindeer snow shoes

My wonderfully technically inclined husband has resolved the missing post pic buttons for me. It's just so great to be able to blog again that I'm gonna make this a picture filled post! Here's a very cute pic of my daughter wearing this Norwegian reindeer snow shoe. My husband bought this back 10 years ago on his trip with his band to Norway. Why he bought this is anyone's guess!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lost again!

What's the matter with Blogger??!! The buttons are gone again! Does anyone out there know how to restore those buttons?!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

IT'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! My "buttons" are back! I can finally post pics! Never knew these few small buttons could control my cyber life like this!
Life In Macro

Here's the LO that won me the wonderful goodies loaded prize from Japan! Here's where you can find her wonderful, lovely and inspirational blog! Tessah
TA DA!! The lovely package I received from Japan!

There's also a couple of LOs I did over the last 2 weeks. Been quite productive! Hee hee!

You & Me

H is for Home