Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look at my new "wall hanging"!!

Ooooo! I just love the DCWV wall decal. Not only is the sticker of very high quality, the design is simply superb. So here's a look at how it's like on my wall. Together with a pic of my friend who came back for a visit from UK. She and her husband, Paul, will only be here for 3 weeks. Sob sob! Will miss her terribly when she leaves!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm soooo far behind in my blogging!

I'm still trying to get my life organized and myself in tune. Trying to get a maid, trying to adjust to going back to work full time and adjusting to a whole new different kind of job, trying to make time for the kids, trying so hard not to lose my temper at them, trying to make time to talk to husband, trying to , trying to smile and enjoy myself.... trying so hard......
I hope that at the end of the day, I'm not short changing my family...... This time, I have to make everything work. No more chances to screw up. Am I stressing myself? I think not yet. Sometimes writing it down makes the whole perspective clearer and my mind more settled. Yaaaawnnnn! Gonna go zzZZzzzZzZZ! Nitey nitey!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Shopping Saturdays with Shirley at Laines!

Shopping is my passion. Scrapping is the product! Or could it be the other way around? Hmmmm...
Anyway, my penchant for shopping, especially for scrapbooking materials, seems to have landed me the "job" of updating bloggers about interesting and fun stuff to shop for at Laines! Not necessarily new, but definately interesting!

Do check out Laines and try out the Harmonie chipboard and try sprucing up the chipboard with various inks, paints, glitter, glimmer and many more!

Can you see the lovely bright pink tinsel by Martha Steward? And the Vintage Glass Glitter by Art Glitter? Oooooo! I really cant wait to get started on it myself!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy "Belated" New Year!

I've been so busy these few days that blogging has taken a back seat. Brandon has just started primary 3 and in the morning session, no less! So, for the past couple days before school started, I've been trying to make him wake up at 7am. It was quite torturous and I was dispairing that he would ever make it to school on 4th Jan!!
To my huge surprise, he hopped right out of bed the moment I called him!!! Guess he was super excited and that made him spring up so quickly! Hahahaha! 1st day was good for him. He enjoyed himself and made many new friends. I am still trying to adjust and get used to the new schedule.
Another piece of news.... I am "officially" teaching at Laines Papeterie now! Heh heh! Officially cos I've been observing and doing some classes at LP since November. 2010 is my "reveal" date!
So, everyone out there, have a wonderful new year and here's wishing all of you happiness, peace and joy for the year to come and the years after!!