Sunday, March 29, 2009

Funny photos!

First, she enjoyed herself clinging onto the railings. She smiled and squealed, laughed and chuckled.

Then, she got a little bored. She wasn't smiling so much, but she wasn't crying either. She was beginning to wilt a bit. Tired from all the laughing and chuckling I guess......

But what I didn't expect was THIS!! Hahahahaha! I was so amused by her! She was really tired and could not cling on any longer. Yet, her parents still put her "behind bars" and tried to make her look cute! This was the result of "force" photo taking!
Hope you enjoyed this series of amusing photos! Have a great weekend and a fantastic week!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Made it back in one piece

We planned and planned for this one week hol. Should we go Bintan? Hong Kong? Malaysia?
In the end, decided that we should self drive to KL. Coz of bb, we had so much more luggage to lug. So, borrowed an MPV (can put more stuff and still be comfortable) packed in our stuff and family and set off rather excitedly on Tuesday morning, 6.30am. Drive was smooth and comfortable. Some rain and fog along the NS highway but it wasn't anything hubby couldn't handle.
The real trouble started when we reached KL and checked into the hotel. We arrived slightly earlier than expected and the room wasn't ready. No prob, we thought. Just leave the luggage in car and take only what we need. So, unfolded pram and off we trooped. Went around the back to Sungei Wang and BB Plaza. Traffic was rather horrid and weather sticky. After lunch, Brandon started drooping and whining. He was getting sicker. Coughed almost non-stop and sneezed his nostrils off. Poor guy, we said. No choice, hubby said. Let's get back to hotel. From there, everything started going downhill. BB didn't want her food, big brother just lay on the bed like a sick droopy flower, daddy tried giving meds, mummy tried coaxing food into BB. 2 hours later, we all collasped with exhaustion. BB from screaming, Brandon from illness, daddy from driving and mummy from eveything!
I nearly wanted to drive back the next day. Things didnt get better. Only worse. Brandon was getting sicker and BB kept spitting out her food. Mummy could not get any shopping done and Daddy was the only sane one. Thank god for Daddy's calming influence or else I would have left the BB by the roadside and chucked Brandon into the dustbin!! I was that frustrated!! She kept refusing to sleep, eat or poop! Brandon kept wanting to sleep! All I wanted was to do some shopping but I could not! Could not even eat a proper meal or have a decent rest at night!
Sigh..... I learnt a lesson.... BB was simply too young to bring anywhere simply coz she could not eat our adult food. And as she was still BF, I became her only source of nutrition and that really frustrated me coz she wanted to suck every 2 to 3 hours.
Never mind..... It was only 3d2n..... and what a frustrating 3d2n it was.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bri's 10 months already!

How time flies! This must be the most oft sprouted phrase when it comes to little ones. They really seem to make time fly. Even though I have been the one looking after her, I still feel that the time has really sped by. I often think back to the time when she had just appeared to say hi to the world. The joy, the pain, the miracle..... Now, at 10 months plus, she is still my bundle of joy, just not so little already!
She can do so many things now. I have this tendency to keep comparing her to Brandon. He was such a sweet natured baby whereas she's a little spitfire. Brandon was relaxed and sedate; she is easily bored. Bran could sit and play by himself for a long time while Bri needs constant attention. Bran always sat quietly in the car seat and pram; Bri puts up a fight almost every time. Bran's motor skills developed quite late; Bri could switch toys from hand to hand at 5months! Bran didn't really speak clearly till almost 16months; Bri can already call Mama, Papa, "mum mum" (eat) Ah Ma. Bran didn't really understand commands till about 13 months; Bri can already point, ask for things, shake head for no and nod for yes, babble and reply when you talk to her, move her hands away, and a whole lot more.
I'm constantly surprised at the progress she has made. Her level of understanding is just simply beyond that of a 10 month old baby. Most of my commands, even the more complicated ones, she can comprehend and follow. Actually, at about 7months, she could already understand simple commands like nod and shake head. Bump heads. Dance dance. Move move. No no. Yes yes. Does she really understand? I ask myself. So test after test is done on her. Get her to do this, get her to move that.... And again, she surprises the hair off my head!
I have learnt not to underestimate the innate intelligences of very young children. She is a very special child, just like every child out there, and as her mother, I have to make sure that this innate intelligence is carefully and lovingly nurtured.
Have a great week ahead one and all and remember to have a smile for the young baby, child that you meet! Dont forget the mother too!!