Friday, October 26, 2007

What's Up really?

Weird title, even for me. I'm not really sure what's up but the weather's been playing havoc on my moods. I have not scrapped in ages and I don't feel like scrapping. Hope this doesn't mean that I've 'checked out'!! I do have a tendency to give up hobbies after some time and I hope that this is not one of the times! (The most important reason being that I've spent a tiny fortune on it!!)
I really wonder what is wrong. I can't even step into my SB room! I feel so sick and tired. The moment I try to start SB, my nausea starts. OMG! What a miserable 1st trimester!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Scrapbook Room!

Finally!! I've finally taken a couple of shots of my "newly" redecorated scrap room. It's "new" cos it was actually done 2 months ago and only now have I gotten to taking a few shots of it. It has gotten rather messy!

My Table of Completed Works!
I love this metal trolley from Ikea! It is sturdy and strong and I can really dump alot of stuff into it. It's also fairly inexpensive. I bought the side hanging thingy from Japan. Inexpensive too! Surprisingly! It's made of really good quality cloth and is well sewn and the best thing about it? It says, "Made in Japan"!

My Adorable Little Niece!

Check out how adorable Baby Claire is!! She was only 7 months when these photos were taken, but she actually smiled on demand! I kept the camera on her and encourged her by saying, "Smile Claire, smile!!" And she obligingly smiled! Sooooo CUTE!