Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sudden scrapbook craze!!

Went a little scrap crazy recently!! I had this really strong urge to complete all my older projects as well as do up new ones!! Hahahahaha! I'm using really old MME, 7 Gypsies papers. Thought they still look so good. I also made some flowers from strips of paper twirled round and round using my all time favourite adhesive, Beacons! Yeah!!
Double the Joy
Here's one for my cousin's twin girls. They are so so so adorable and lovable! They are now in Primary One already and this was taken like umpteen years ago!
Dare To Dream
This was a shot taken in Japan. It was in summer and the heat was so bad, we were wondering if anytime someone was going to get heatstroke! Brandon's cheek was so red! It was a picture perfect moment!
Hug Me Tight
We were in the car and Brother and Sister suddenly became very loving and kept hugging each other! It was really amusing to watch them. I just wish they were like this more often!
I'm Applying for the ROLE ......

This is Brianna being cheeky and adorable! She loves to pose and make funny faces so I made this layout seem as if she was applying for an acting job at TCS! Hahaha!
And these are the flowers made from paper strips. I was scrapping at my MIL's place (yes yes, I bring my scrap stuff EVERYWHERE!!) and I didnt bring along any flowers. So I thought that it really has been a long time since I actually MADE anything! There are so many many ready made stuff out there nowadays! These flowers are really easy to make and look so shabby. Hmmmmm.... I might just use this for the next class!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Laines Sneak Peaks for July Classes!

This month at Laines, we have 6 classes. But 2 classes will only be conducted once. They are the very special projects done by Merdrey! One gorgeous project is a Hambly album made from scratch and contains so much stuff that it's a miracle that it has not burst with all the goodies!! The other project is a 2 page layout which is very pink and cute! If you love having interactive stuff on your page, you should really do this class!
There are 2 albums this month from Sharon, Stamping and Bowlin. Beautifully done (as usual) and so touchy feely!! I'm very tempted to take them home myself! Arghhhh!!
And last but not least, our all time favourite layering queen, Jaz! She has outdone herself this month by having a 2 page layout class and a 1 page layout class. All the beautiful layering and special vintage stuff that is used.... Hmmmmm! Yummylicious!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Have you seen such pretty flowers??!!

Recently, an old friend asked if I have any crochet flowers. I do have quite a few actually. I dug out some and realized that they were way too pretty to be kept hidden! They were crochetted by my mum some time back when I began the craze for scrapbooking. I wanted flowers that no one else had and "stole" some of my mums crochet flowers to put onto my layouts!
So here's a collection of crochet stuff that my mum did for me! Enjoy!

What inspires you?

I often ask my scrapping pals what inspires them. But whenever I'm scrapping, I don't consciously think of what inspires me. Do I really need inspiration? Or do I need a bolt of lightning? Hahahaha!
I am often stuck when doing layouts or altered art. It gets worse when I need to design for class and I have a deadline hanging over my head. Then I walk away from my project and flip through magazines, turn on the computer, browse other talented scrappers, check out the latest products. I am very inspired by what I see online and in magazines. THEN I GO TO SLEEP AND EVERYTHING IS LOST!!!! Arghhhhh!!!
Then how? Like that? Die la!!
So, day after day, I plod on, wondering what inspires me... More importantly, what inspires those talents out there?