Sunday, November 30, 2008

Me, myself and I

There's no layouts, no altered art, no nothing today. I just wanna de-stress and grumble on my blog. I mean, its not like THE blog where the whole world reads about me. So I guess its safe to grumble...... (Coz a fren of mine nearly got sued by the sister in law for grumbling about the mother in law....jeez...)
I am deleting and deleting what I type. This is the fourth time I'm "throwing" my post into the bin. I really dont know where to start. Most of my headaches and troubles are the results of decisions that I've made and I'm not happy that I've made these decisions. But how do I get out of it? I really dont know if I've made the correct decisions and whether I can get out of the situation I'm in if the decision I've made is really wrong.
But do we always make the correct decisions? What happens when whatever we've decided turns out to be wrong? How come I keep making the wrong choices my whole life? Is it me? Do I have a problem making decisions? Why did a seemingly good idea become bad? Have I been misled or did I mislead myself? Am I delusional? All the questions and no apparent answers.
I like a carefree life. Some call it lazy life. I dont see anything wrong with it. I am not the kind to make big bucks or climb coporate ladders. I dont like to work very hard. I work because I have to, not because I like to. Lazy? Yeap, for sure. But I'm happy. But now, I am facing a crisis. I cant get out of the work that I have to do because I promised I'd do it. But I was not shown the whole picture of what I had to do. I am capable of doing it. I just dont want to. Dilemma, is what I'm in right now. Getting out, is what I'd like right now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I got it! I got it! I got it!!!!

I cant believe I managed to buy it at last!!!! Arghhhh! No words can express my utter joy and satisfaction at having bought the current love of my life! Yipee!

Here's the story......

I called a certain LSS and asked the staff to reserve it for me. They told me (without checking) that it was already OOS. I was extremely disappointed. If they had bothered to check and reserved it for me, I'd have bought it from them ages ago. So, I waited and hoped that the other LSS would bring it in. I called and check too. This time, because it was my favourite LSS, the staff there knew me and was willing to check their stock, their warehouse and their shipping list to see if it was on the way here. Unfortunately, they were unable to find it in the warehouse but were quite sure it was on its way here, just not sure when. So I waited patiently. Finally, I could not wait anymore and decided to go down and make use of their excellent discount vouchers of up to 40%!! And to cut the long story short, when I was there, the goods actually arrived at the store!!! I hopped up and down and squeaked (Sharon said I was squeaking alot that day!) myself hoarse! The new arrivals included my Amy Butler Tote!!! I nearly died from happiness! It was so 'fresh' that it was warm. I chose pink finally (and a whole lot of new stuff too!) So, here's my Amy Butler Tote all lovingly filled up with my SB tools and stuff.
And the best thing? I paid for the tote with a whooping 40% discount!! And if the other LSS had been willing to check and reserve for me, I'd have bought it for only a 25% discount using my friend's card. So I guess it was fated that I get the tote from my favourite LSS at that fantastic discount.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look what came in the mail!

I actually received this package some time back. Was ecstatically cutting up the tape on the box to reveal the goodies in it and then was too engrossed with it (and of course the other stuff in my life). Finally, 2 weeks later, I managed to find time to post this and thank the sponsers, Indigo Mill, for their prize!
It was a whole lot of die cut papers by Rhonna Farrer, DCWV, KI Memories. I just could not stop gazing at the lovely papers!

Amy Butler's Tool Tote

Don't you just looooove this bag??!! The 1st time I saw this, I knew I gotta have it! I don't usually fall in love with stuff like that, but this tote just called out to me, ya know what 'cha mean?
So, I called up our LSS and made enquiries. Imagine my disappointment when one said they didnt bring in this bag and the other said it was SOLD OUT!!! Arghhhhhh!!!!
Now, I need to figure out how to get my greedy hands onto this lovely lovely creation by Amy Butler!
Anyone wanna sell??!! Hee hee!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2 sketches defined for Rough Draft

Sketch 2

Sketch 4

I've been madly running around recently and although I did the sketches some time ago, I didnt manage to take photos of it till now. So here's Sketch 2 and 4 for Rough Draft.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunshine after the rain

It's been some time since I last posted anything. Little Bri has been so sick the whole of last week. One of the nights, we very nearly had to send the poor babe to hospital! She's been coughing and sneezing the whole of last week and the climax was during the weekend. She was constantly coughing, sneezing, vomiting, crying. In that order. I didnt sleep from Thursday to Sunday! Luckily, she took a turn for the better and managed to sleep through on Sunday night. So here I am, on a chirpy Monday morning, with the whole world right again cos I managed to get my full night's rest at last!
When a child falls sick, especially a very young one, everyone is so concerned and worried about the child. Fussing over the child, making sure the child is alright, comfortable, etc. We often forget that it is the caregiver, usually the mother, who is also in need of some care and comfort. Especially when it is a long drawn out illness. I am lucky (in a sense) that Bri was sick for a short period of time. Even the few days of stress was enough to make me feel like hell. I can only imagine how bad it must be for the parents of children who have long drawn illness requiring constant care. Not only do they have to endure physical stress, the emotional upheaval they go through is even more difficult for them, I believe.
So, every morning, I will give thanks that I can still wake up and see the beautiful sky, smell the fresh morning air, listen to the traffic sounds outside, feel the mild heat of the morning sun.
I've got a wonderfully supportive husband and family, 2 gorgeous healthy children, a stable and happy family.... What more do I wish for? I know now that life is not about wishing for things that others have, but what we ourselves have worked for and achieved on our own. There is no need to want to be like anyone else but ourselves and that will be what will make us the happiest!
Wishing everyone the best for the week ahead!