Saturday, October 25, 2008

Seven Random Facts about ...... what?

Got tagged by Cloudsters. He's the funniest and most amusing writer ever! I mean, each time I read his blog, I just collaspe in laughter. Either that, or I'm snickering to myself and having to explain to hubby why I'm sniggering to the computer screen! So, he just tagged me on a random fact thing and I thought it was fun to play even though I'm not so sure I've got seven people to tag! Hahaha! So here goes 7 random/weird facts about myself. (more weird than random I believe!)
1) I am an absolute anal person when it comes to personal belongings. I cannot stand my stuff dirty, being out of place, dirty, off center or dirty. You get the drift huh?!
2) I hate garlic. Period. Anthing with garlic in it, I wont touch. I wont even touch the bulb itself. It's like I'm a vampire or something. If I accidentally injest some, it'll burn it's way down my throat and into my guts and I'll feel like puking.
3) I can't stand the colour purple. Nothing in my possession is of that colour. It's like I've got an aversion to it. Just like garlic, I shudder when I have to touch anything with that colour. (anal right?!)
4) I've got 2 seperate sets of nails on my last toe. Hee hee! Gross fact! Well, anyway, my mother in law told me that it's cos I'm Hakka. All Hakkas (according to her) have this two-nail-on-one-toe thingy. And the weirdest fact of all..... my hubby has this weird toe nail too! (His great great great somebody is Hakka. Again according to my MIL)
5) I've got a habit of reading through all my SMSs before I send them out. I reread them for content as well as grammatical errors. Hahaha! Another anal fact! Actually not just SMSs. I reread all my blog posts at least twice before hitting the publish post key. I also reread forum posts, emails, and whatever else I happen to be typing! (And still, there's mistakes! Arghhhh!!)
6) I love to drive in the rain. The heavier the rain, the more thrill I get out of it! I simply love rainy weather. I love the gray overcast skies, the incessant pattering of rain, the smell of ions in the air, the fresh scent of world when it rains. I just love the rain!
7) I can cook! Serious! I am a very good chef. I love to do western food. I can cook anything and it'll taste good. I've got the knack for cooking I think. When I season my food, I dont measure out quantities nor do I have to figure out what food "goes" with what seasoning. I just go with gut instincts and plonk the stuff together and whatever the end results, it's always tasty!
Alrighty! I've done 7 weird/random facts about myself! Hope you've enjoyed reading them as much as I've written them. This has actually made me more aware of myself! Hmmmm.... maybe I should go on further and list even more facts about myself!
I've tagged the following 7 people. Feel free to carry on this game or just enjoy the random facts of others! Thankx for visiting! Have a great weekend!
2) Jaz
3) Ed
4) June
5) Jemma
6) Yin
Phew!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew there was so much "work"involved in tagging others! It sure was not easy finding others to tag. This just proves how little blogging friends I have! Must go out and source more!! Hahahaha! Hope you lovely people get some perverse fun reading my weird facts! Cos I definately had my own perverse fun writing it!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's one for Ed's Sketch Got Stamp?

What a cute title!! Got stamp? was added later cos Ed decided to up the difficulty factor of the challenge. So here's my take on Ed's October challenge.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another day, another thought.

Recently, I keep getting hit by headlines on the ST saying we're in recession, people are saving money on food, non essential items are 1st to go.... so on and so forth. What do people consider luxury items? What then, becomes a need and what then, becomes a want?
So what should I be doing to help cut costs? Buy less scrap stuff, that would be the obvious one. Hahaha! We're not stinking, filthy rich (though hubby says he can be stinking and filthy!) but neither are we in the pits. We're not above average, but then again, we're not below average. People like us in the "neither here nor there" situation can find it hard to cope at times. We have a car, so does that put us in the rich catergory? No. We have to pay for rising petrol costs, but yet cant sell the car because we have young kids to ferry to and fro schools and classes and we go to work. We live in a 5 room flat, so does that put us in the above average catergory? Again, no. We are working out b**ts off so that HDB can deduct $**** from our account every month. We eat out fairly often, so does that make us yuppies? No. Most times, I'm too tired from work and looking after the baby to cook.
Then how? I ask myself? How to make our dollars stretch in these lean times? We really have to save for the kids, rainy day, ageing parents. I, too, wish to have a maid, stay at home, scrap all day. But I really cant. I want to spend time with my baby and my school going boy. But I cant. My heart breaks as I think of all these. But even as the crack of my heart is loud, so is the sound of the "kaching" as the prices of everything rockets.
My kids are being shuttled around like nomads so that both parents can go to work. Our income is too high to qualify for any kind of governmental aid. But just barely enough to cover the ever rising costs of today's living. So how?
Do I take away the extra classes for my boy? Do I buy less toys for my baby? Do I sell away my scrap stuff?
How do people like us survive?
Then again, do we have a choice? Survive we must. Carry on with life we must.
Therefore, even though this rambling seems kinda down, I'm actually feeling ok. Cos regardless of whether I'm miserable or happy, I still have to get through the day. So, I might as well get through each day happy right?! This is what one of my ever cheerful friend once told me.
So I leave you with another happy day, another cheerful thought......
Have a good week ahead and remember to get through your day with a good mood, light heart and happy face!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Challenge at Rough Draft Sketches

There's this lovely new blog for sketches (I know, I know! Another one!) But this one is really fun! The challenges on this blog, Rough Draft, are for the purpose of, what else, challenging yourselves! Yeap! The sketches are really fun and doable. I know of some sketch sites that have so much on the sketches that I end up asking myself, where in the world do I put my photos??!
So here's the really simple but adorably lovely photo and LO of Brianna!
Using the Spring Fling line from Pink Paislee, chipboard branch from Maya, chipboard frame from Lil' Davis(doesnt tat look similar to the Pink Paislee logo??!!), felt ribbon from Creation, "smile" crytals from Heidi Swapp and bling cardstock from Bazzil.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Altered Art

I realised that recently I've been doing alot of layouts and not much of my favourite altered art. I did this lunch box tin some time back but never had the time to take photo and post. There's a little empty space on the right and that's for me to decide which travel booklet I wanna make and put inside this "Travel" box.

Here's another altered art done at Laines. I followed some of it but later decided that I'd much rather redo it in my own style. So here's the zig zag book (7Gypsies) on the story of my scrapbooking journey.
These are some fun tins that I like to alter as and when I feel like it. I've got a couple dozens of these tins and I like to put small little bellies in them and then alter them. Fast and fun!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grateful for Friends Like U

Am done with this LO. It was actually a 'not-too-bad' LO rite from the start. However, the 'owner' wanted to chuck it into the bin and I yelled so loudly!! So I took over and just did a slight alteration. "Owner", hope you are satisfied with it!