Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Old Photo

I just found this photo that was taken way back in 2003. Here's Wai Leng and Brandon "encased" in the little house that I made from the washing machine box. I bought the fabric from Spotlight and then glue gun it onto the box. Then I took his wall charts and stuck them on the inside walls of the box. It was a well loved box!

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Favourite Layout of Brandon

This was actually completed some time back. I kinda like only got around to loading it now! Hee hee!

Life in Black & White (Hambly Transparency)

This mini album used Hambly transparencies exclusively. I cut the 12x12 into quarters and I used about 3 sheets. Then I Zutter-ed the whole lot into place!

I also slotted in some caardstock to give the album more bulk. Ribbons were tied to the sides after I used the Zutter to punch a row of holes. There was of course some problems with the transparency being transparent and showing off the unsightly back sides. So there was some challenge there to make it less obvious when turning the pages.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Bintan pics.....

Seeing the way these 2 fellows are digging, you may be forgiven for thinking that there are hidden treasures underneath!!

Our Bintan Trip

Ooooo..... Bintan.... Brings back the memories of the sun, sand and sea. We went with Wai Leng, Mike and Megan. It was a little stressful cos Megan was not feeling too well and she made quite a lot of fuss there. But overall, it was quite fun. Here's some lovely pics!

It's been such a looooong time!!

There was actually something wrong with my computer. I have been trying to load my page for the longest time and nothing on the page worked. It kept telling me error on page!! Luckily I have a computer whiz for a husband! He finally made it work..... after 5 minutes!! It took me 5 days!! Arghhh!!