Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little something using MME

Promised a blog post on MME and new CHA stuff. I actually got off my lazy butt and came up with a layout!! (Okok, that's coz MME had this competition and promised 3 complete sets of their newest line helped moved that butt!!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHA Goodies!

I know I know! Not supposed to tempt anyone anymore right?! But I really am so happy with what I've been given that I really cannot resist it anymore! Check out the sneekies!These MME stuff are just gorgeous! I have always loved MME's papers and bellies. I am still hoarding their things from like 3 years ago!

Glitz has some really nice stickers and even though the colours are not some of my favourite (too bright pink liao!) they are still lovely for making cards and layouts for little girls!
There's actually more stuff in my pack but my camera died out on me coz I didnt charge it for 2 weeks! So there! I'll post up more stuff once I get the camera charged and by then, I may have come up with a layout and some cards too! (not likely but I'll try hard!)