Monday, April 19, 2010

I love the new Papermarket store at PS!!

I just love the new store!! Arghhhhh!!! Even though it's similar to the one at RC, I just love love love this mini version of it. Maybe its coz of the new concept of "fast food" scrapbooking. Or maybe its coz of the cozy layout of the store. Or maybe its coz of the beautiful chalking done by Merdrey. Or maybe its coz of the bar top counter. Or maybe its coz of the paper butcher that can cut all sorts of fantastic stuff. Or maybe its coz it has all those cutesey pens that I love. Arghhhhh!!!! How I love the new store!

Can you believe Boss came up with the fantastic idea of open concept scrapbooking? I love that idea! I love the fact that we can just scrap something on the spot even though we don't have photos on hand. Just so long as you have your handphone (who doesnt????!!!!) you can print your photos on the spot and just scrap!! It just takes an hour or more to come up with a fast and gorgeous project for that special someone. And every month, there are different projects that you can do. How cool is that??!!

One of these days, I'm so gonnna just go down and bother those lovely and lucky gals who are "parked" at that counter and do up a project of my own! Just for the fun of it!

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