Friday, July 25, 2008

My Ikea Bin

Check out what I have done with the bin from Ikea. When I saw it on sale at SGD$5.90, I could not resist. I even called up 2 scrapping mates and cajoled them into buying the same bin but different colours! Hahaha!
This side was completed 1st and was fairly fast. The 2nd side (below) took longer cos no inspiration was flowing then.

I've still got 2 more sides to complete and I'm not sure if I want to complete it or not. A fren of mine asked whose photo was gonna be on the sides with holes. Hahahaha! Still deciding whose photo is going onto the "holey" part!

The 3 month jab

I just came back from the polyclinic. Was expecting a long wait for the 3mth jab and the doc's visit. Miraculously, our number was called just 15mins after I registered.

The nurse was as usual very cheery and talkative and helpful. I'm beginning to change my opinion of public health care places. (used to think the nurses yelled at people!) She asked loads of questions and checked the baby for everything from poop to hair growth! (to be fair, my daughter's hair is growing a little oddly after the shave) Then weighed and lengthed her. All the while, Brandon kept asking, "so, when is the injection going to be?" Finally, the climax of the morning.... Was hoping that the little muffin wouldn't scream the house down when the needle went in.

She was sleeping and refused to wake. So nurse flicked the needle and in went the sharp end. We waited with bated breath for the scream to come..... It was quite an anti climax when muffin just gave a short, sharp wail and then settled back for more ZZZzzzZs!! Phew!
Next, the doc. Again, I thought that it was gonna be a long wait and settled in with my magazine. I was pleasantly surprised when the next number was mine. Scrambling to get my bag, babe and pram, I stumbled in. Everything was fine and dandy. Babe was eating well, growing well and pooping well.

Phew, time to wheel the pram back home. That's it, end of an eventful morning!
What a boring life I lead now!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A birthday gift for my sis-in-law

Did this for my sis-in-law for her birthday. I happened to see a fairly inexpensive clock and decided to make a family thing for her.
We've always been quite civil to each other in all the 17 years we've known each other. It was only recently when my mother in law was diagnosed with kidney failure that we've gotten even closer to each other. Our families get together quite often so that her son and mine can keep each other company.
Recently, since my daughter was born, she's even more keen to get together. She really really loves this niece of hers. Whenever we reach her place, she'll immediately ask for Brianna and carry her straight away. She'll then proceed to play with her, carry her, talk to her.
I'm beginning to appreciate this sis-in-law. Especially since a friend of mine fell out with her in-laws. Apparently, she wrote all her grouses on her blog and her sis-in-law read it. And the most ridiculous thing happened. The sis-in-law proceeded to sue her for her grouses!! Unbelivable!!
Sigh.... Why do people have to do this to one another? It's already bad enough that strangers are suing each other upside down and inside out. Why do families have to do this to each other? There's a chinese saying that it takes a thousand lifetimes for us to become families. Isn't it better to try and get along rather than fight over little, little gritty things?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've been tagged

Hee hee hee! This is the 1st time I've been tagged. By my good mate and scrapping fren, Jaz! Ok, this is what I've gotta do... Errr... hope me am doing it correctly....
1) Link back to the person who tagged you. Jaz
2) Post these rules on your blog
3) List 6 unimportant stuff bout yrself
4) Tag 6 other frenz

1) I'm a fairly obsessive person. About putting stuff in the correct place and being neat and tidy. In short, anal retentive!
2) My first real love was dancing. Esp luv disco dancing. Those days are mostly over though. Old already la!
3) Only love now.... Scrapbooking! (of cos this does not include my family la)
4) I like chilli. Really really hot and spicy. Maybe that's why I've got a fiery temper to match!
5) Used to be very conscious of my appearence. Now, shorts and t-shirt plus slippers also can go out liao!
6) I hate the colours green and purple in my choice of wardrobe. Absolutely hate the colour purple in my choice of anything.

Errr... now I've got a problem leh. I dont really have many frens to tag and the only ones have already been tagged. So I guess this tag game will have to "die" at my hands!! Hahaha!

Half and hour later.......

And she's done. Hopefully, she'll sleep for another 2 hours before wailing again. Where was I just now.... Oh ya, sucking hands. She seems to have refined it to an art in the space of only a week or so. Now she will suck our shoulders when we carry her upright. If we carry her in the lying down position, she'll cast surreptitious looks at us to make sure we are not looking and then promptly pop her hand in. Then the wet sucking sounds will alert us to her misdemeanour. Soon, she's gonna learn how to circumvent that too. Then we will just have to stay one step ahead of her!
All that sucking aside, she has been smiling since before she was a month old. However, it has been impossible to capture that smile. The moment the camera pops up, the smile automatically switches off. I've been pondering that question for the longest time and am still without a conclusion. Does she actually know we are trying to take a shot of her? Does the camera cover her view of us? Does she think we're trying to drop something on her?
But at almost 5 weeks, we finally captured that elusive smile! From that moment on, it was slightly easier to get her to pose a smile for the camera. Recently, she seems to smile on demand. Or maybe this is just a mother's indulgence that her child is growing faster, smiling earlier, understanding better, etc... Hahahaha! But whatever it is, Muffin is certainly living up to her nick. Her 2 cheeks have filled out to an extent that I keep thinking that she has something hidden in there. Others just cant resist plumping her cheeks. Through it all, she tolerates the attention with the aplomb of a saint. She must be thinking, " I shall not wail when that auntie squeezes my cheeks until my lips stick out!"
Muffin loves it when we talk to her. She'll coo and chuckle and make odd noises from the back of the throat. And that's when the problem starts. The back of the throat sound seems to cause the milk to flow back up her throat. So when she has been "talking" for a while, the milk will slowly but surely make its way up and out of her mouth. I wonder if anyone out there that has a baby with this odd problem?
Problem aside, she now looks forward to her Daddy talking to her. Even though Daddy isn't as eloquent as Mummy (pardon again my indulgence) Muffin seems to respond loud and enthusiastically whenever Daddy is around. In order to pacify the jealous mummy, Daddy says that Muffin is not talking, but shouting at him! Jeez....

I cant believe its been more than a month!!

It's been more than a month since my last post! I guess life has been rushing by in a fast forward mode for me.
Muffins (my nick for her) has grown..... and grown and grown and..... you get the picture! At her 1mth jab, she weighed in at 4.5kg and measured an amazing 58cm! Her older brother was only 53cm at 1mth! She is now 5.9kg and 65cm.
Having discovered that she could suck her own fist a week ago, her arms are like springs now. Each time you pull it away from her mouth, the arm would just "toing", spring back into her mouth! Putting mittens on her has had no deterant effect. Maybe I should do what Cloudsters did.... wrap one hand in diaper and watch her antics in trying to free herself!
I'm not done with the post yet.... Just that muffins is hungry and on the verge of wailing! Gotta go 1st......