Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When is work not work??

Answer : When work is your hobby!
But still..... I'm so very tired after so much work and deadlines, packing, teaching, retail and I can't even remember what not! Hopefully this is just for the busy months of November and December. We're still having very packed classes. Maybe coz it's holidays and mothers are no longer so stressed out over exams! Our classes these 2 months are really good and I'm having fun teaching them even though all my classes are full and cannot complete type of classes!
Just yesterday I had 2 fully packed classes that cannot be finished in the 3 hours. I was actually quite stresses out the day before. Brought Red Bull to give me the energy and the brain boost! Towards the end of the night class, I was seeing stars and my brain was buzzing. Finally when most of the customers left, I kinda collapsed onto the chair and stoned! Could not even bring myself to stand up and go home! Lucky hubby not working and came to pick me. Otherwise I'd probably sleep at work! Hahaha!!
Well, you have heard my story and know that our classes are stunning! Come come and see for yourself!


sharon Ong said...

Hang in there Shir Shir! And no more red bull ok?!!! heh heh

MamaJ said...

I enjoyed class on Tues! :) Thanks for patiently teaching us even though you had a loooong day! Take care...