Monday, September 13, 2010

Lazy lazy me!!

I keep telling myself that I need to maintain my blog cos I've got really nice customers who keep telling me that they visit my blog but find that I've not updated for a long time and then they dont come back anymore!! Sob Sob! I really really try hard. Even my facebook account remains quite dormant until I remember that I've got an account that I need to maintain!
I'm actually quite ashamed of myself really. There are so many of my friends out there too who are working mothers and yet they find time to update their blog, keep people informed on their facebook and still find time to scrap and spend time with their kids!! I really need to watch less TV! Seems that when I should be blogging or scrapping or doing some sorta more useful stuff (like save the world!!) I'm facing the box. It is always easier to press that little "on" button, kick back on my comfy sofa, have a nice little drink in my hands and watch my favourite cooking programs! (Yeap, me looooooove cooking shows!) Especially when I know that if I start scrapping, my little toddler with the itchy, greedy little fingers would be all over my work and stuff.
Excuses, excuses! But hey, I've got some scrapping done though.
Here's one with my all time favourite.... Tattered Angels glimmers and glazes! I've used them all here! The background has shimmery white and transparent misted and splattered all over it. The white dollie has red misted all over it and I went a little nutz and misted the gold transparent shimmer over the whole layout! (I covered up the photo of course!)
Hee hee! I actually "stole" the flower clustered with pin idea from Jaz's class! It's so nice, how to resist??!! Sorry Jaz!!

Here's a close up of the crazy glimmer, glaze spraying and splattering stage that I went through! I'm now all splattered and misted out. Till the next splatter session then!