Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sneak Peeks at Laine's!!

This month I designed 2 interactive layouts that Sharon fittingly called "Push and Pull"! Hee hee! Coz I made it such that one of the layouts has a hidden mechanism that seems able to move rather mysteriously! All you have to do is pull on one of the tags and the other end moves too! Fun huh?! I enjoyed making it so much that I made a few of them for my mum and aunt so they could put my kids pictures in them and show off to their friends! These tags can be made on their own and put on cards, mini albums, or simply used on its own.
The other layout is a pinky and romantic one. It also has a hidden part where more photos can go into. Again there is a push and pull technique but this one is simpler. But no less fun as you can put in hidden pics of boyfriends, kissing scenes (hee hee!) etc!
So come on down to Laine's and book a space before they're all gone!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Me & Yanni at the new store at Plaza Singapura

Those lovely flowers that look good enough to eat are created by Yanni, our super talented lady at the new Papermarket. I could not help taking a pic with her and those flowers! Yeeeeeee! Love 'em!

I love the new Papermarket store at PS!!

I just love the new store!! Arghhhhh!!! Even though it's similar to the one at RC, I just love love love this mini version of it. Maybe its coz of the new concept of "fast food" scrapbooking. Or maybe its coz of the cozy layout of the store. Or maybe its coz of the beautiful chalking done by Merdrey. Or maybe its coz of the bar top counter. Or maybe its coz of the paper butcher that can cut all sorts of fantastic stuff. Or maybe its coz it has all those cutesey pens that I love. Arghhhhh!!!! How I love the new store!

Can you believe Boss came up with the fantastic idea of open concept scrapbooking? I love that idea! I love the fact that we can just scrap something on the spot even though we don't have photos on hand. Just so long as you have your handphone (who doesnt????!!!!) you can print your photos on the spot and just scrap!! It just takes an hour or more to come up with a fast and gorgeous project for that special someone. And every month, there are different projects that you can do. How cool is that??!!

One of these days, I'm so gonnna just go down and bother those lovely and lucky gals who are "parked" at that counter and do up a project of my own! Just for the fun of it!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long overdue Layouts!

My Scrapbook Journey
When I first got my job appointment at Laines, I was truly overwhelmed. I knew that it was not going to be easy and I had been out of the job market for 2 years. It was going to take lots of hard and heart work. So before I started work, I decided to scrap this completely photo free page and journalled my scrapbook journey.
I hope that at the end of the day, whenever I feel out of sorts and unhappy, this page would serve to remind me of my passion and the reason why I love scrapbooking so much!
I simply love this flower that I put together. Thought it looked really dimensional and cute and I got to use the pin that I was saving for a special layout! Hee hee!
Our Family Travelogue
This 7 Gypsies album has been in my cabinet for at least 3 years! It was time I did something about it. So I thought I was going to just use a couple of photos for each trip and then write a detailed description of the trip. BUUUUUT..... so far, I have only gotten to the stage whereby the cover has been decorated and nothing else! Hee hee hee! I WILL TRY very hard to make this album work coz I've really got alot of travel photos to complete.
Got this beautiful beaded flower from a "bunga" shop in Malaysia. They sell stuff meant for malay weddings and they always stock gorgeous and cheap beads, flowers and even sparkly butterflies!

This little birdy was from another flower shop but in Singapore. Just walk into any of those shops selling plastic flowers and you'll see quirky and fun stuff like the birdy. Flower is from Daiso and I inked with Vintage Photo.