Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kreative Award

This is such a cute award! I like! Thankx Sharon, for the nomination!
But, errrrr, I'm such a lonely blogger, I dont really have anyone to nominate for this award leh. But to all you super creative gals (& guys) out there, pls give yourselves a slap on the back and loud applause from me ya!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 LOs in just 4 hours!

Here's a couple of layouts that were done by a friend when she came to my house to ask for "help". She was at a loss as to how to use certain techniques and patterned papers. So she brought all her "barang barang" and we had a blast that day! She was such an enthusiastic learner and she was so keen to learn! Wish that I had more friends like that.

This LO used crackling. My friend saw this technique on one of my LOs and she fell in love with it. She quickly bought the crackling medium but had no time to try it out. So I taught her how to do it and she did this all by herself! This LO is still not quite completed coz we had no time. This was already our THIRD layout!! Fantastic huh?!

This was our 2nd LO. We worked on this coz she said she didnt know how to use transparency PP. It was a lovely transparency by Creative Imaginations and we had no problems figuring out how to use it.

This was the very 1st LO we worked on. My friend saw this lovely PP, again by CI and she just had to buy it!! However, she had no idea what to do with it. It was a circular shaped PP and was a little challenging. I recalled how one of my favourite "copy cat friend" (I copy her work!), Jaz, cut out the PP and raised it to make it look 3D. So I did the same thing. I got my friend to cut out the center portion of the PP, raise it by putting cardboard behind, put cardstock and then stuck everything together. Voila, we had a totally new look! Then we just cut and cut and cut the swirls on the remaining PP and stuck them all round the photos. It was a simple way of making the LO look stunning! I love it and so did my friend
So that was how 4 hours just zoomed past. I guess it was a great achievement to create 3 LOs in just 4 hrs! And we had soooo much fun!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been almost ONE MONTH!!!

OMG!! I have been soooooo busy I cant even find time to do my fav thing! Scrap!
December has been the craziest month. I barely have time to breathe and I think I haven't visited the loo in days! Hahahaha! Just kidding! Anyways....I'm happy to be back at my blog even though I know only hubby and a few good pals read it! Hehehehe! Good to be famous or better to be invisible? Hmmmm.... Who doesn't want to be famous? I would LLLLOOOVE to be well known, but I dont think so I'll cope too well with "famousdom". *Chuckle*
I know of people who are so out to make a name for themselves and they become so shallow as a result. Why make yourself miserable by trying to be something you're not? If you are good enough, you will naturally be well known in your chosen field. Otherwise, why make yourself and the people around you sick and tired of you??!!
Maybe I'm just too cynical. But I really like the little world that I've created and I dont need other people to know how good or how fantastic I am. Just the people that I treasure and the ones I call friends. They're all I need really. It's fun to be well known, but there is no need to chase after it like doggies chasing after their tails.
Take scrapbooking for example. I'd love to be well known and well liked like Ali Edwards, Mara May, Lisa Bearnson etc. Or our local celebs like Aida Haron, Jaq Yeo, Edleen, Jaz, Sharon etc. But knowing myself very well, I know I cant do it. I have my own little talent and it's just not at that level. But I'm ok with it. I still love SB very much and I scrap from my heart. I will never give up this hobby just coz I've not been chosen for some design team or other. I hope that aspiring scrappers out there can scrap for the love of the hobby and not for some misguided need to be well known. The enormous amount of work, sweat, and tears put in by these talented people are oftentimes not known. I applaud their dedication to this wonderful hobby and I salute their absolutely perfect time management!
Coz I know that I am simply unable to keep up!
Cheers all! Have a wonderful 2009 and scrap from your heart!