Thursday, December 6, 2007


Okie, here's one of my 13th week detailed scan. It was so clear, I was surprised. But bb moved around alot and doc says bb very active. Me? Personally, I just think bb was hungry cos mummy hadn't eaten breakfast yet! Hee hee!

My Christmas Gift Exchange

Here's the front and back of the little tray that I scrapped. I got it from Daiso and just slapped on the papers and bellies!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Altered Ikea Frame

Here's my altered frame. There's actually no need to pay for expensive shadow boxes. Ikea has them in various sizes, though not in the 12x12 size. But smaller makes it easier to scrap, ain't it rite??!! This is about 10x10 in.

Friday, November 30, 2007


Finally, I sold tat kit to a good fren of mine. Took some time but... phew, sold!
Okie, I'm onto my 15th week now, going to 4 months! Yeah, nausea is slowly going away. Hopefully, it stays away. I still get slightly car sick so the drive into Malaysia still has to be put off for later.
Yesterday, Daddy decided that son should skip school to go...... CYCLING!! Hahahaha! So we went cycling at East Coast. Daddy taught son to cycle on 2-wheeler and Mummy was sitting on mat, sanding next scrapbook altered project!
Then, believe it or not, we headed to the other side of Singapore, Science Center! Mother and son slept on the way there and was fairly refreshed. We had not been to the Science Center for a long time and there were some changes. We were quite lucky cos yesterday was the 1st day the Mummies of Egypt display was opened. It was quite small though. And Petrosains from KL was invited over to give a talk on energy and that was really interesting. Brandon enjoyed it throughly! After that, we roamed almost the whole center and then we began to droop. So tiring!
Finally, it was dinner time. We decided to go IMM (cos Mummy remembered there was a HUGE Daiso there!) for dinner. As usual, Brandon ate a whole adult meal. Look at his size! Where in the world does he put away all that food??!!
List of what we ate : 1) Mid morning at 11am, East Coast food center, Daddy, Western set with rice, mummy, Laksa, Brandon, a plate of Hokkien noodles.
2) Late afternoon at 2 plus, MacDonalds, Daddy and mummy, drink and fries (shared) Brandon, Kids Value Meal with youghrt, burger and drink.
3) Night at 7pm, Daddy, Japanese salmon rice, Mummy, 2 pumpkin croquettes (not really hungry), Brandon, almost a whole bowl of adult portion Miso Cha-Shu Ramen!
Can you believe that list??!! Mum and Dad could not take lunch cos breakfast was at 11am, but son ate a whole Mac meal! Then again at dinner, son ate a whole adult meal again! What an appetite! Phew!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Extra SB stuff packed as kits (SOLD!!)

Finally! I've done it! I've decided that I'm not gonna be a "karang guni" anymore! I've got so much stuff it's time I sold off some at lowered prices! I have only 1 kit now, but if the response is good, I'll put up more kits. But the kits are going to be one of a kind only so if you really like it, leave a comment on my blog and I'll sell it 1st come 1st served. Leave your email or msn (if you have) and I'll get in contact with you. Singapore orders only please.
Kit Price : SGD$38 (Market Value SGD$45)
Kit Contents :
1) 6 X K&CO Designer Papers, Wild Safforn (These are cardstock weight double sided papers)
2) 1 X K&CO Designer Paper Box (Precut paper boxes)
3) 2 X Old World DCWV cardstock pattern papers (single side)
4) 1 X A2Z Delightful Sugar Candy cardstock pattern paper
5) 1 X Senic Route Word Stickers
6) 1 X Daisyd's Rubons
7) 3 X Square card sayings
8) 10 X Assorted buttons
9) 12 X Assorted bling from Queen & Co and Swavroski Crystals
10) 2yards X Mesh Ribbons
11) 3 X Bazzil Cardstock

Friday, October 26, 2007

What's Up really?

Weird title, even for me. I'm not really sure what's up but the weather's been playing havoc on my moods. I have not scrapped in ages and I don't feel like scrapping. Hope this doesn't mean that I've 'checked out'!! I do have a tendency to give up hobbies after some time and I hope that this is not one of the times! (The most important reason being that I've spent a tiny fortune on it!!)
I really wonder what is wrong. I can't even step into my SB room! I feel so sick and tired. The moment I try to start SB, my nausea starts. OMG! What a miserable 1st trimester!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Scrapbook Room!

Finally!! I've finally taken a couple of shots of my "newly" redecorated scrap room. It's "new" cos it was actually done 2 months ago and only now have I gotten to taking a few shots of it. It has gotten rather messy!

My Table of Completed Works!
I love this metal trolley from Ikea! It is sturdy and strong and I can really dump alot of stuff into it. It's also fairly inexpensive. I bought the side hanging thingy from Japan. Inexpensive too! Surprisingly! It's made of really good quality cloth and is well sewn and the best thing about it? It says, "Made in Japan"!

My Adorable Little Niece!

Check out how adorable Baby Claire is!! She was only 7 months when these photos were taken, but she actually smiled on demand! I kept the camera on her and encourged her by saying, "Smile Claire, smile!!" And she obligingly smiled! Sooooo CUTE!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Machines 'R Us

Check out this new idea that we have! We're offering you the chance to play with all sorts of die cut machines and different dies. We are offering 3 pieces of plain Bazzil Cardstock, 1 Bling Bazzil and 1 lucious felt! You will have 2.5hrs to get hands on with all the different types of dies and their machines!
All this for only $20! What a deal! Plus, you will get advice from owner, Justina and me, Shirley on how to use them and what best can they be used for. There'll also be samples of how the die cuts can be used! Sign up quick as places are limited to only 4 per session.
Time : 1pm to 3.30pm
Venue : Ponggol
Date : 29th and 30th September 2007
Drop me a comment and leave your email/HP for me to contact you with more details!
Thank You!

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's September!

Here's September rearing its rainy head. And yet I'm still out of a job! Sigh.... well, I asked for it! I resigned of my own accord! But then again, this leaves me free to do what I love best..... Scrapbooking!! I know recently there's been no posts on pics of my projects. But that doesn't mean I'm not scrapping! I still am!
Recently, I'm hooked up with Our Craft Place to start conducting classes. We have come up with simple and fast yet gorgeous projects for the busy scrapper/crafter. Our ideas and teaching styles are uniquely our own. We have plans to invite guests designers and teachers to come and teach classes too.
Plans are on the way. I'll be putting up pictures soon of what we're offering in the way of classes! Do check back often!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Let's start with.... Disneyland!!

Astro Blasters! Brandon's fav ride!
Here's everybody's fav place! The happiest place on earth!

Family shot
Even the handles on the train are Mickey shaped!

More Pics of Japan!!

Check out these 2 cuties!! Palm sized only!!

Row, row, row your boat....
The Water Bus in Disneyland. It was so hot, they sprayed water everywhere to cool the people down!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello From Japan!

The busy Sunshine Street 60

Tokyo Disneyland

There's a never ending supply of vending machines!

The Shoji Temple (Lei Men) in Asakusa.

I'm BACK!!!

Before I load any pics, I really gotta say this..... Japan is terribly, horribly, fantastically HOT!!!
HOT HOT HOT!! The temperature hit 36 deg when we were there! We trudged around in that terrible heat and now we're completely TOASTED!! I'm so tanned now that my friends think that I've gone to a beach resort for a holiday!
With that out of the way, I have to say that Japan is a country worth going to. But you have to learn how to speak their language. It was a frustrating time trying to find someone who understands you. However, they really go out of their way to help you and make you feel welcome. The crowds are terrible, there are so many people in Japan and yet, they don't push, shove, yell at you or pick your pockets. Japanese have made courtesy and honesty a beautiful form of art!
They have so much pride in whatever they do. Presents, food, desserts, toys, everything; are so beautifully packaged! It is said that in Japan, you can't find lousy food. That is so so true. Everything we ate wowed us. It was not as expensive as we expected and we paid the money willingly because the food was so wonderfully palatable.
Japan is a self sufficient country. Why do I say that? Their people support their own economy so much that there is practically no need for foreign tourists to come and boost their economy! Other countries build theme parks to attract more tourists to come and spend money and therefore make these parks tourist friendly. Not to say that Japan is not friendly. It's just that everything, just about EVERYTHING, is in Japanese! There is no translation, absolutely no translation at any of the 3 theme parks I went!!! They see no need to translate anything because I guess most of the people who visit the parks are Japanese! It was slightly better this time round (compared to 10 years ago when I went) as we found more people who could speak a smattering of English at Disneyland and Sea. Universal Studios had less staff who could speak English. Disney had more signboards in English, Universal Studios had less. Their maps in English were also not as comprehensive as the Disney ones. That could be because Disney was in Tokyo and USJ was in Osaka. There were also less English speaking Japanese in Osaka than in Tokyo.
All said, it was an exhuasting trip. We walked everywhere and took the subways and buses all the time. The cabs were simply too expensive to warrant a ride. The weather was so hot, it took a lot out of us.
It was a fantastic learning experience though. The different cultures, habits (good ones) lifestyle all served to open our eyes (especially Brandon). There was so much I learnt from this trip compared to my other trips. I've enjoyed this trip even though it was exhusating.
After 10 wonderful and exhausting days, it is now back to Singapore and reality!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mini "MYSELF" Album

This is the cover page of my mini album from Maya Road. I attended the full day class organized by TVC (The Velvet Cat) They organized the Fontwerks class and invited the lady boss, Kah-Mei Smith, to conduct the class. It was a blast and was hilarious, fun and bonding. We made 2 albums, on about ourselves and one about the lives of our family. It was really eye-opening to attend a class conducted in a completely different style from our usual way!

Here're the cover pages of my album

The first 2 pages of my album. The word "WOMAN" are raw chipboard words from Senic Route. Red glitter was added to it.

The next page has a hambly transparency covering the painted page. Then I added the felt pocket and sewed 2 buttons to resemble a pocket.

This page shows my favourite hobby and my favourite shopping place!

This is my "Love Corner" My husband and my boy.

This is my all time favourite page! It was created using squares of 3x3". Each patchwork uses 2 squares. The pp used has gotta be 2-sided to create this effect. One square is stuck down flat while the other square is folded into a triangle and aligned neatly to fit the pattern of the flattened square.

This is a page that is supposed to show the people who inspire us, thus the word, "Inspired" which is also raw chipboard from Senic Route and covered with broken bits of glass from German vintage glass bits.

Finally, the last page! It is a page to show my story and journal about what makes me tick, my dreams, my life, my hopes and wishes. It is a very personal mini album and I love the fact that I can finally have something of my own after scrapping so many albums on my son!

I am very happy and satisfied with my album and I believe the next one would be one of my husband and just about him alone!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jigzaw Layout

This is a multiple picture layout that was done in a scrapbook class by conducted by Laines Papeterie. I did half of it during class and brought back the rest to complete. The puzzle is chipboard and is precut. Select photos tat can be cut into smaller pieces. Some of the photos can be fully stuck onto the board, but some of the phots are partially cut to show the gorgeous WRMK papers below.

The center portion of the puzzle is a mini flip album containing even more photos. The hinge is made by punching holes using the Croc-A-Dile by WRMK. You can have as many pages of the flip albums as you like. The words are again by American Crafts Thickers Chipboard Alphas.

Here's another ME layout

This was taken on the boat trip on my Australian holiday. We were going out to catch humpback whales. But before long, I was so seasick, I threw up 3 times!! Hahahaha! Luckily this picture was taken right at the beginning of the trip.
I used Cosmo Criket pp and then sewed the larger piece at the left side. The extreme left is a strip of transparency. The word "Fabulous" is actually a card that can be pulled out with journalling on it. @32 is American Craft Thickers Chipboard Alphas. This is a fairly simple and straightforward layout.

This pic shows the card being taken out of its slot behind the pp.

Monday, July 16, 2007

It's been a Long Time!

I've got 2 layouts here that I did quite some time back. It was meant for the Laine's Design Team competition. Then I realised that I was not really interested in doing all these design thingy. I'm not even sure that I'm good enough for them! Hahaha! I enjoy scrapping for the sake of scrapping and I don't think that I can commit myself to a time frame or a particular theme. So here goes! MYSELF!This one here is the cover page of a MYSELF album. I got different but matching pattern paper squares, glued them together and then sewed the zig zag stitches through them. Then the sides, I did the normal straight line stitching. I used black thread because I felt it stood out more.
This photo was taken on my honeymoon in June 2000 in Alaska. I hugged the utterly adorable Alaskan Husky puppy! The swirls were chipboard and covered with pattered paper. It was then painstakingly cut out. The white flower is Heidi Swapp and folded in half. The words are from AC Thickers alphas. There are some handstitched swirls along the chipboard swirls. Tip : Draw in pencil what you want to stitch. Then, using a sharp awl, poke holes along the pencil lines. Makes it easier to sew!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pics of our KL Trip!

This was our hotel. I've always liked this place cos its on the "correct side" of the shopping street. Just a short walk away is Low Yatt Plaza, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza...... Lot One is about 10 mins walk away and Berjaya Times Sq is just opposite! And best of all...... it's CHEAP!!
Food, glorious food!!

Here's our seriously overloaded bags!