Thursday, August 12, 2010

New CHA stuff to play with!!

Heeeeyy!! When the gals came back from CHA, they didn't forget us folks who didn't have the chance to go. Mer Mer brought back for us some really "solid" goodies from CHA and I'm now finally allowed to post cos the stuff have arrived at Laines! Yipeeee!!
Here's the fantastic Studio Calico, Documentary. I love love love the papers with the cameras and the scooters and the map and the aeroplanes and the.... well, I love 'em all!!

I also did up a layout with it but it isn't quite ready yet so I'm only showing part of it. Hee hee!

AND there's my all time favourite brand, My Mind's Eye. I've got so many of their papers that I can devote a whole rack just to them. Now that I've got my grubby little hands on their newest range, I can't help but squeak in delight! I have already done up quite a few stuff with their generous packs and I can't wait to show it off!

My favourite too!! *Squeak squeak*!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tattered Angels glimmers, glazes, mists!! And what's more, I actually found out that I could use the built in brush in the Glaze and splatter it onto paper and make beautiful splotches and splats. WooooHooo!!

Here's the splotchy splotchy splats. Oooooo! Me lovey lovey them! So nice so nice! Try it out, don't be afraid to splatter it all over your art work.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's August already!!

I thought that I had been quite regular in updating my blog. Apparently not, as I discovered when I saw that last date that I posted. Hee hee! How can time fly by sooooo fast??!!
I think I know though. When you are enjoying yourself, you have stuff to do, places to go and people to meet, time does have a way of speeding through!
I have been teaching at Laines for the past 8months already. I still find it hard to believe that so much time has flown by. It sometimes feels as if I've only just joined them. But for the simple fact that I know/have almost everything at my fingertips just proves to myself how far I have come from the super blur and confused person when I 1st joined!
There are times when I wish I could stay at home and be with my kids. I miss them terribly and I want to spend all my time with them instead of letting the maid be my stand in. However, I know that if I had to stay home full time, I'd probably go stark raving MAD! So, I have my hands very full balancing my kids, work and scrapping. When I say scrapping, I mean my own stuff and nothing to do with work. Oh, I love work and teaching and designing and stuff. But nothing beats digging out my own stash and having a blast of a time with close friends and fellow scrappers!

Oh well! I need to go now! Need to dig out that little bit of time in between my little girl's nap and my boy's tuition time to have a bit of scrapping done!

Leaving you with a Webster's challenge page!