Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hey! I've got inspiration!

Autumn Leaves 2008 Design Calender

Sweet as a Berry

Together Moments

So Happy Together
Finally! I've done something! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Been sleeping on the blog. (as in "sleeping on the job") I have been scrapping. Really! I have! Scrapped! But simply too lazy to take photos and post. Hee hee! I sometimes wonder how all those wonderful gals out there cope with kids, husband, work, chores, scrap, blog, chat... I can barely cope with any of the above 2!
I seem to be fluctuating with the weather. Weird. That about describes the weather and me. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and I see the sun shining through my window and I think... Hmmmm... wash clothes. THEN, when the load goes in, the soap goes in and the timer is set and the water starts to flow... I look out the window again and the sky is so dark I need to switch on the lights! What is wrong with our weather here??!! Does anyone else wonder too? But this weird thing happens only when I wash clothes. It never happens when I decide to sleep in late and not wash today. Then the sun is shining brighter than my daughter's eyes when she sees food!
Murphy's Law. My husband says. Why does it only apply to me? Traffic is green and smooth flowing when I'm early and wouldn't mind a few red lights. Traffic is red and the cab driver decides to stop in front of me to pick up passengers when I'm so late I dont even dare look at the time anymore.
Then, there was this weird thing that happened to me. I stopped at a light and there was this cab right beside me on the left. He seemed impatient to be off and zoomed off when the lights turned green. THEN he made an abrupt left turn and STOPPED right in front of me!!! I could not move and he kept raising his hand to apologise to me. I waited a couple seconds to see what he wanted. He didn't seem to want to move and I finally horned at him. Twice. He got angry and made a rude sign which I immediately copied back at him. What a ridiculous idiot! WHY did he have to make a left turn when there was a left filter lane? WHY did he have to be the 1st off the light when there was no car behind us at all? (He could have waited for me to move off before making his crazy move) WHY did he have to turn left and STOP in front of me? WHY couldn't he just move off? WHY did he have to make the rude sign at me when he was the one who was in the wrong? That is why I have utterly no respect for cabs on the road. I know that dumb @$%#* like him are the black sheep in an industry that already has a bad rep. I know that most cab drivers are nice fellows who tolerate drivers like me who hates the industry as a whole. I also know that I should not group all cab drivers in the same category. I know I should not be aggressive only towards cab drivers. But, often in life, knowing and doing are 2 utterly different things. Sigh...
Another weird thing. What all of you hope never to enocunter. Yes, an encounter with the "supernatural" kind. As most Singaporeans know, the 7th month was just over. The 7th month is the Ghost month where believers say that our "friends" from down below come up for some fun. Concerts are staged for them, feasts are prepared for them, entertainment is organized for them and worldly possessions are burned for them. Well, during the middle of the month, my mother in law would prepare a huge feast complete with prayers, food and all the works. That evening, our whole family went over for dinner. After dinner, the maid, my mil, me and I think my sister in law went out to burn joss papers. As it was a rather stiffling night, we were feeling the heat from all the burning. There wasn't a scrap of wind and the burnt papers were burning merrily in the huge bin. It was a rather sudden thing and I felt a chill around my legs. I looked around at the others to see if they could feel it. Nobody seemed to notice anything wrong. As a true blue Singaporean exposed to all the horror stories and the beliefs and superstitions, I sensed that something was nearby. (By something, I mean "those things") The burnt papers began to slowly twirl upwards whereas they were just lying quite still at the bottom of the bin a minute ago. Immediately my mil said, "Oh, got people come take the money liao!" in a matter of fact way. I felt the chill pass through my legs through the rest of my body! It wasn't my first time burning joss papers, nor was it my first encounter with the supernatural kind. Nevertheless, the sensation was chilling! I could sense things and I could see the papers twirling upwards in the absense of wind. Scientifically, it would have been explained as the rising of the hot air currents that carried the papers upwards. But unless one were there experiencing it first hand, it would have been difficult to convince a skeptic.

Phew, I finally got that scary episode out. I could feel the goosebumps rising again! But as a Buddhist and having a husband who's Taoist, I try not to let my imagination nor my fear get to me as I believe that if you do no evil and do not disturb the peace and make no fun, we will all leave each other alone and not cross each other's path.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi September mojo!


I made this for my neighbour cos her daughter is very fixated with my son and always comes over to play! Hee hee! She's 6yrs old and my son's 8 yrs old. But they seem to enjoy each other's company and my son doesn't mind playing with a younger girl. That's what so good about him. He plays with anyone and everyone and has no prejudice against anyone.

Water Play & Snow Fun

I got this hanging holder from Daiso (where else??!!) and was wondering what to do with it when I realized that the 8x8 papers I had fitted in nicely! So this was very quickly conceived and just as quickly churned out! All in one night!

Happiness Is: ...
I did quite a lot of sewing on this LO but because the colours I used were very pastel like the paper, it wasn't very outstanding. But I still had fun sewing it!
U're so TweetThis altered art was inspired by a visit to scrapping pal, Jaz's house. I saw the bird cage and how she used it and was totally hooked! I love the little cage and was thrilled to find it at the new Daiso at Rivervale Mall. This Daiso is sooooo near my place that I'm afraid that I'll go there and stock up every week!