Monday, March 29, 2010

Creative Escape Photos! Yeah!

Giving out fantastic prizes! Elaine's really generous with those prizes. They had all sorts of delicious for the lucky participants! Doodlebug aprons, tote bags, Donna's bags, canvas album, scrap packs and so many many that I lost count!
Donna showing one of her many awesome techniques. Learnt so much from her.
Eager participants taking photos and getting autographs from the ever willing and patient Donna. (Me too pestered Donna for an autograph. Hee hee!)
My wonderful groups of "students" who were sooooo patient with me when I was not sure what to do. Thank ya all ladies! This group, Shireen, Sibyl, Tan Yen were fantastically independent workers who only asked me for stuff when absolutely necessary!

Another group of wonderful "students" who ended up "teaching" me more than me "teaching" them! Thanks Angeline and Karen! Florence and Amanda wowed me with their creative works of heART!
Here's sweet Amanda with her beautiful camera bag!
All of us just collasped and sat on the floor for lunch! Too tired to go anywhere or even sit on chairs and tables.
Boss and Iver and Zn having a rare free moment! They were so swamped with customers who wanted to buy anything and everything! Even our own staff wanted a piece of the action! Hahahaha! (Talking about myself la, who else??!!)
Creative Escape with Donna Downey was absolutely AWESOME!! Donna is such a lively and engaging person. Her classes were peppered with so much laughter and fun! I can't believe I got to meet her in person. Donna, YOU ROCK!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thankx ya all!

Just a simple word of thankx for all your support! Hey, you ladies moved me to tears! Heehee!!
Now on to funnier stuff. (Need to laugh after the rain!)

I signed up for Merdrey's Flutterink class at Papermarket last night coz a customer at Laines kept asking me to join her for the class. I thought it'd be really fun to go and got my aunt to come babysit. (What a terribly irresponsible mum!)

It was truly a BLAST!! So fun and so funny!!! Can you believe I was the slowest and blurest student in class??!! I was constantly asking Cecilia what was next and what was it that Teacher Merdrey was saying! Keep forgetting la! But in the end, I learnt so much about alcohol ink and how to use it in a fun and fairly dirty way! Wahahahaha!

Here's Teacher Merdrey and me after the class. Lucky she still wanted to take photos with me after the class and not just knock me over the head with the hammer!

Monday, March 22, 2010

It's been sooooooo long!!

Hiiiyeee!! Hehehehe! It's been so long that I dont think so anyone visits my blog anymore. Even the author, ME, dont even come by! Jeeezzz!!
Ok, many updates!
First of all, I've been teaching at Laines for a grand total of 2 months! It's been a roller coaster journey and I've learnt sooo much. From my head designer, Sharon, (whom I've secretly admired for the last 5 years) to Nancy, Cynthia, Betty, Merdrey, Yanni, Zn, Elaine, (my boss)! Thank you all babes!
It's my dream come true to be able to teach and design at Laines. I've been trying out other stuff since I quit teaching. I've taught scrapbooking in schools, taught my friends and ex-colleagues in my own home.... I could not believe that Laines would want me!
There were lots of stuff to learn, to do, to achieve. There were also alot of things that I didn't expect to have to do and then I had to do it. Initially, I was pretty overwhelmed. I was constantly tired (that's coz I haven't been working for such a loooong time!) constantly battling my own insecurities ( how can I ever live up to Sharon's standards??!!) constantly feeling guilty that I'm not spending enough time with my kids.
Finally, after about 2.5 weeks into the job, hubby sat me down and talked to me. The tiring part will just have to be slowly overcome. The insecurity part, I needed to get over. I just will never be able to create like Sharon. Nobody can. She's in this whole fantastic sphere all by herself. (you can tell how much I admire her ya!) I needed to have my own identity and own expertise. No need to live up to anyone's standards, that was just crazy! Said my ever logical husband. It made sense. I adjusted, I lived through students who were just plain mean and said mean stuff. That was just one or two of them. The rest were so fantastically supportive and patient! I thank all of them for their patience and help! (Unlikely they'll ever read this though...)
As for the guilty part, husband was super supportive. He'd be there for the kids whenever I was not. When both of us were busy working, we worked out with my mum, my aunt and his mum to take the kids or come over to our house just to keep and eye on them and the maid.
Finally....... most of my problems solved. Not that everything is all rosy and happy now. There's more and more stuff I've got to do. More and more challenges I've got to face and more and more nasty customers I'll have to deal with in future.
But when Nancy asked me, "Do you have any regrets? Would you choose this all over again?" I confidently answered her, "No, I have no regrets and yes, I'd choose to do this all over again!"