Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've been tagged

Hee hee hee! This is the 1st time I've been tagged. By my good mate and scrapping fren, Jaz! Ok, this is what I've gotta do... Errr... hope me am doing it correctly....
1) Link back to the person who tagged you. Jaz
2) Post these rules on your blog
3) List 6 unimportant stuff bout yrself
4) Tag 6 other frenz

1) I'm a fairly obsessive person. About putting stuff in the correct place and being neat and tidy. In short, anal retentive!
2) My first real love was dancing. Esp luv disco dancing. Those days are mostly over though. Old already la!
3) Only love now.... Scrapbooking! (of cos this does not include my family la)
4) I like chilli. Really really hot and spicy. Maybe that's why I've got a fiery temper to match!
5) Used to be very conscious of my appearence. Now, shorts and t-shirt plus slippers also can go out liao!
6) I hate the colours green and purple in my choice of wardrobe. Absolutely hate the colour purple in my choice of anything.

Errr... now I've got a problem leh. I dont really have many frens to tag and the only ones have already been tagged. So I guess this tag game will have to "die" at my hands!! Hahaha!


jazsutra said...

Hi scarlet thx for playing alongwith the tagging!and farny u about 'killing' it!now i know more abt you.thx for yr great company i begin to njy my sahm cox i muz say SAHM means scrap at home mom!cheers!

Natalia said...

Hi Shirley! Thank you so much for leaving such kind words in my blog. I'm so happy to know that my blog and creations can inspire you in such a way :)