Thursday, July 17, 2008

A birthday gift for my sis-in-law

Did this for my sis-in-law for her birthday. I happened to see a fairly inexpensive clock and decided to make a family thing for her.
We've always been quite civil to each other in all the 17 years we've known each other. It was only recently when my mother in law was diagnosed with kidney failure that we've gotten even closer to each other. Our families get together quite often so that her son and mine can keep each other company.
Recently, since my daughter was born, she's even more keen to get together. She really really loves this niece of hers. Whenever we reach her place, she'll immediately ask for Brianna and carry her straight away. She'll then proceed to play with her, carry her, talk to her.
I'm beginning to appreciate this sis-in-law. Especially since a friend of mine fell out with her in-laws. Apparently, she wrote all her grouses on her blog and her sis-in-law read it. And the most ridiculous thing happened. The sis-in-law proceeded to sue her for her grouses!! Unbelivable!!
Sigh.... Why do people have to do this to one another? It's already bad enough that strangers are suing each other upside down and inside out. Why do families have to do this to each other? There's a chinese saying that it takes a thousand lifetimes for us to become families. Isn't it better to try and get along rather than fight over little, little gritty things?

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