Friday, July 25, 2008

The 3 month jab

I just came back from the polyclinic. Was expecting a long wait for the 3mth jab and the doc's visit. Miraculously, our number was called just 15mins after I registered.

The nurse was as usual very cheery and talkative and helpful. I'm beginning to change my opinion of public health care places. (used to think the nurses yelled at people!) She asked loads of questions and checked the baby for everything from poop to hair growth! (to be fair, my daughter's hair is growing a little oddly after the shave) Then weighed and lengthed her. All the while, Brandon kept asking, "so, when is the injection going to be?" Finally, the climax of the morning.... Was hoping that the little muffin wouldn't scream the house down when the needle went in.

She was sleeping and refused to wake. So nurse flicked the needle and in went the sharp end. We waited with bated breath for the scream to come..... It was quite an anti climax when muffin just gave a short, sharp wail and then settled back for more ZZZzzzZs!! Phew!
Next, the doc. Again, I thought that it was gonna be a long wait and settled in with my magazine. I was pleasantly surprised when the next number was mine. Scrambling to get my bag, babe and pram, I stumbled in. Everything was fine and dandy. Babe was eating well, growing well and pooping well.

Phew, time to wheel the pram back home. That's it, end of an eventful morning!
What a boring life I lead now!

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