Saturday, July 12, 2008

I cant believe its been more than a month!!

It's been more than a month since my last post! I guess life has been rushing by in a fast forward mode for me.
Muffins (my nick for her) has grown..... and grown and grown and..... you get the picture! At her 1mth jab, she weighed in at 4.5kg and measured an amazing 58cm! Her older brother was only 53cm at 1mth! She is now 5.9kg and 65cm.
Having discovered that she could suck her own fist a week ago, her arms are like springs now. Each time you pull it away from her mouth, the arm would just "toing", spring back into her mouth! Putting mittens on her has had no deterant effect. Maybe I should do what Cloudsters did.... wrap one hand in diaper and watch her antics in trying to free herself!
I'm not done with the post yet.... Just that muffins is hungry and on the verge of wailing! Gotta go 1st......

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Cloudsters said...

"Just that muffins is hungry and on the verge of wailing"...

Now that's a thought and sentiment that's become as part of our lives as breathing and eating!