Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm not missing in action, yet......

Is That All?

Hee hee! Here's a long overdue LO that was inspired when I visited Jaz 2 weeks ago. I completed it 2 days after I came back from her place ( a very inspiring place, to be sure!) but was lazy to take photos and upload!
So, here's Brianna with her very first stash of birthday pressies!


Yin said...

Thanks shirley for the lovely comments you always leave at my blog. Truly good to know that there's mummies out there dealing with the lil ones just like me.

Hey love the cute layering you did in your LO, and how you have your journaling done randomly around the photos.

Enjoy your week ahead!!

sharon Ong said...

cute cute! To answer your question about the gesso, its like this:
1. make sure your photo is either a photocopied or laser printed version.
2. Paint layer of gesso onto printed side of photo
3. Paint layer of gesso on surface you are transferring photo onto
4. Paste photo gesso side down onto the surface covered with gesso.
5. Rub (not too hard) and push out the excess gesso out towards the side and clean away the excess that comes out.
6. When fully dry, spray with water and rub off paper pulp leaving image left behind on the surface.

Have fun

Edleen said...

how adorable!!! must do more ok :)

and can't wait to be partners @ Pathlight :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, love your new album. It's totally beautiful. Come over and make more. We can hve more drinks, food and laughter. Hehehehe! -G-