Monday, April 20, 2009

Our little baby girl is ONE!

One year ago, this little miracle was born and we were just embarking on our new journey as a unit of 4 instead of 3. Brandon was a real trooper. He took it in his stride that he would no longer be the center of his parents doting attention. Instead, he'd have to share it with his little sister. He helped to look after her, watch her and even carried her at times. Now that the little sister is older, he is even playing with her and carrying her around! I think I must be the luckiest mom around. Most kids would likely rebel and demand more attention. Brandon just goes with the flow and bumbles around happily like before. Maybe he's a little sad that he no longer gets all our attention and love, but he seems alright with it. I must also remember occasionally that he is just an 8 year old boy and still needs my love, care and concern.
Even though this post is all about Brianna, I must salute the little trooper, Brandon!

Our Girl (Ikea Photo Frame)

Brianna (Happy Birthday)

This lovely LO was done by good friend and scrapping pal, Jaz. As usual, her brilliant style shines through even in this simple LO. I love the cutout flowers and the simple and effective layering.


Yin said...

Hey shirley,

totally love what you did with the altered ikea frame. Love how you had the white fencing on the side which looks open. So beautiful!!

It's always so sweet to see your kids grow up, and that Brandon is being such a sweet big brother.

Have a great week ahead gal!!

Edleen said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Brianna!!!
that's a lovely layout you did and she must be enjoying being a year older :)

sharon Ong said...

Hey, love what you did with the IKEA frame Shirley! Have a wonderful time enjoying your kids' relationship - its the best!