Saturday, May 9, 2009

A photo laden post

I started making this mini album at G's hse 2 weeks ago. Together with Ed, G and myself, I managed to complete 3 pages! When I got back, I was so enthusiastic about this project that I actually completed it in one week! That must have been something like a speed miracle for me! Heh heh heh!
Anyways, I seem to have inspiration at other people's house! G's place, Jaz's place.... Everywhere except my own place!! Hahaha! What a laugh!
Every scrapping session at G's house is always food, laughter, drinks, more food, louder laughs, bigger cups of drinks! And of cos the scrapping too! G's so happy to share that sometimes I'm afraid that I'll take advantage of her generosity.
It's often easier to scrap with friends and make merry with gossips, idle chats and makan. I love to pop by Jaz's place with a bagful of scrap stuff. And very often, my very generous friend would slip papers, bellies, flowers into my scrap bag. Where to find a friend like that?
Thank you all, dear friends! I'm glad that scrapbooking has let me find my passion and my passionate friends!

The Many Faces of You

I thought that putting this pensive look at the last page ended the whole album quite neatly!

Memories of Home

This box was done up quite some time back but I never had time to take pics and upload. Since today appears to be a free day for me (kids taken care of by mummy. Thankx Mum!) I thought I'd take some time to look through what stuff I can upload into my very pathetic blog! Hee hee hee!


Louisa May said...

Hey gal ! Happy belated first birthday to dear Bri !! Can't believe it's already been a year, and i still remember you vividly big and preggie and us scrapping tog !! Sorry we missed Bri's birthday, and what lovely LOs and mini you've put tog !! haha spied some familiar outfits there too ! Glad Bri's making full use of them !!

Louisa May said...

AND yes, HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY !!! You deserve double the gifts and merriment this year - hint hint to ur hubby !

Anonymous said...

Love the bright and cheerful album. Gorgeous!


Yin said...

Happy Mother's Day Shirley! Hope you had a great day with your family.

Love your mini album on Bri, she's all grown up, and the choice of your colours of the album is real yummy.

Thanks for your lovely comments gal, it always makes my day.

In the meantime, have fun scrapping!!

Edleen said...

it's always fun cropping together yeah Shirley :)

Happy Mother's Day Dear! we partner next week @ Pathlight yeah ;)

it's awesome seeing you complete your creations! love your work :)

jazsutra said...

FAB album there shir,am honoured i got the chance to grab and kiss and drool all over the album.teehee.wanna scrap next week at my plc?i will arrange.missing having u and the tou-hua here friend keke ;)-jaz