Saturday, April 11, 2009

Almost one...

Today, we're celebrating Brianna's chinese birthday. On the lunar calendar, she's already 2 years old as the Chinese take it as the child is already one from the day that they are born as they were in the mother's womb for 10months. That already counts as a year.
We'll be popping over to paternal grandparents place for a quiet celebration with family only. It should be fun cos they really love her little antics and as the only bb in the family currently, she's the most pampered one. I have picked out a really lovely dress for her. Initially, I didnt even think of buying a new dress as she already has so many clothes lovingly passed down from friends and relatives. Many of them were so new, I thought that I'd just let her wear anyone of those. A friend reminded me that even though she has so many clothes, most of them were hand me downs and no matter how new, I should at least get her a new set for her birthday. A girl only celebrates her one year old only once and when she grows up, at least there are photos of her in a lovely dress that was not a hand me down! I caved in and got her a gorgeous Korean mini dress. It has lovely hand stitched flowers and a pretty little bow on the front. The soft chiffon material had me caressing it for a long time! (I dont even dare think of how much I paid for it, safe to say that I myself had never even paid so much for a dress of my own!!)
So, tonight is the night for the little princess and even though I know she'll never remember this day, I will take photos, videos and make little notes to remind myself and her of this milestone!
Till next Sunday then! When the little princess celebrates her "English" birthday with the rest of family and friends at our home!


Yin said...

Can't wait to see those lovely pictures that you will be taking of Bri in her birthday dress.

Wishing her in advance a beautiful 1st birthday.

Have a great time celebrating Shirley!!

Edleen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

there's 3 April Babies here @ our home and busy month celebrating ;)

hope to meet up soon yeah!

jazsutra said...

Bri soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute leh.make me laugh so loud!! Happy birthday to Bri and hope she likes my simple gift for her teehee.Im glad to know her mommy likes it teehee.-jaz