Friday, November 30, 2007


Finally, I sold tat kit to a good fren of mine. Took some time but... phew, sold!
Okie, I'm onto my 15th week now, going to 4 months! Yeah, nausea is slowly going away. Hopefully, it stays away. I still get slightly car sick so the drive into Malaysia still has to be put off for later.
Yesterday, Daddy decided that son should skip school to go...... CYCLING!! Hahahaha! So we went cycling at East Coast. Daddy taught son to cycle on 2-wheeler and Mummy was sitting on mat, sanding next scrapbook altered project!
Then, believe it or not, we headed to the other side of Singapore, Science Center! Mother and son slept on the way there and was fairly refreshed. We had not been to the Science Center for a long time and there were some changes. We were quite lucky cos yesterday was the 1st day the Mummies of Egypt display was opened. It was quite small though. And Petrosains from KL was invited over to give a talk on energy and that was really interesting. Brandon enjoyed it throughly! After that, we roamed almost the whole center and then we began to droop. So tiring!
Finally, it was dinner time. We decided to go IMM (cos Mummy remembered there was a HUGE Daiso there!) for dinner. As usual, Brandon ate a whole adult meal. Look at his size! Where in the world does he put away all that food??!!
List of what we ate : 1) Mid morning at 11am, East Coast food center, Daddy, Western set with rice, mummy, Laksa, Brandon, a plate of Hokkien noodles.
2) Late afternoon at 2 plus, MacDonalds, Daddy and mummy, drink and fries (shared) Brandon, Kids Value Meal with youghrt, burger and drink.
3) Night at 7pm, Daddy, Japanese salmon rice, Mummy, 2 pumpkin croquettes (not really hungry), Brandon, almost a whole bowl of adult portion Miso Cha-Shu Ramen!
Can you believe that list??!! Mum and Dad could not take lunch cos breakfast was at 11am, but son ate a whole Mac meal! Then again at dinner, son ate a whole adult meal again! What an appetite! Phew!

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