Monday, September 10, 2007

It's September!

Here's September rearing its rainy head. And yet I'm still out of a job! Sigh.... well, I asked for it! I resigned of my own accord! But then again, this leaves me free to do what I love best..... Scrapbooking!! I know recently there's been no posts on pics of my projects. But that doesn't mean I'm not scrapping! I still am!
Recently, I'm hooked up with Our Craft Place to start conducting classes. We have come up with simple and fast yet gorgeous projects for the busy scrapper/crafter. Our ideas and teaching styles are uniquely our own. We have plans to invite guests designers and teachers to come and teach classes too.
Plans are on the way. I'll be putting up pictures soon of what we're offering in the way of classes! Do check back often!

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* Dream Weaver * said...

:) Hello Enchanted by Scraps... happened to come by your blog. I too am jobless :) ~ or rather have not looked for a new job. AND its brilliant. I get to read, watch movies and scrap which i absolutely love to do.
Just wondering where is Our Craft Place located??? I am from KL btw.