Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thankx ya all!

Just a simple word of thankx for all your support! Hey, you ladies moved me to tears! Heehee!!
Now on to funnier stuff. (Need to laugh after the rain!)

I signed up for Merdrey's Flutterink class at Papermarket last night coz a customer at Laines kept asking me to join her for the class. I thought it'd be really fun to go and got my aunt to come babysit. (What a terribly irresponsible mum!)

It was truly a BLAST!! So fun and so funny!!! Can you believe I was the slowest and blurest student in class??!! I was constantly asking Cecilia what was next and what was it that Teacher Merdrey was saying! Keep forgetting la! But in the end, I learnt so much about alcohol ink and how to use it in a fun and fairly dirty way! Wahahahaha!

Here's Teacher Merdrey and me after the class. Lucky she still wanted to take photos with me after the class and not just knock me over the head with the hammer!

1 comment:

Merdrey said...

*knocks Shirley's head*
WHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! COme for class more often bring many many joys to the class!! I'm SO going to attend your class one of this day...hees...
*goes check Laine's schedule*