Monday, September 7, 2009

Hi September mojo!


I made this for my neighbour cos her daughter is very fixated with my son and always comes over to play! Hee hee! She's 6yrs old and my son's 8 yrs old. But they seem to enjoy each other's company and my son doesn't mind playing with a younger girl. That's what so good about him. He plays with anyone and everyone and has no prejudice against anyone.

Water Play & Snow Fun

I got this hanging holder from Daiso (where else??!!) and was wondering what to do with it when I realized that the 8x8 papers I had fitted in nicely! So this was very quickly conceived and just as quickly churned out! All in one night!

Happiness Is: ...
I did quite a lot of sewing on this LO but because the colours I used were very pastel like the paper, it wasn't very outstanding. But I still had fun sewing it!
U're so TweetThis altered art was inspired by a visit to scrapping pal, Jaz's house. I saw the bird cage and how she used it and was totally hooked! I love the little cage and was thrilled to find it at the new Daiso at Rivervale Mall. This Daiso is sooooo near my place that I'm afraid that I'll go there and stock up every week!


Yin said...

Lovely work Shirley. Im so tempted to try out the birdcage thingy, and hey we live very near each other too. Have yet to visit the Daiso at Rivervale mall yet.

Have a good week ahead!

LG said...

WOW! You've been busy! Love all your projects

Georgina Ooi said...

Hey Shirley, I'll come over one of these days, and you can bring me to Rivervale mall. I've no idea where it is. Love to check out the Daiso there :-)

sharon Ong said...

Too cute Shirley! I really love what you did with the Daiso frame and the bird cage!

Edleen said...

whoohoo...mojo running high! everything looks sooo lovely :)

glad to bump into you and Brianna :) she's just soooo cute laa!

see you next week yeah...