Monday, August 11, 2008

What's up again?!

As usual, I'm lagging behind in my blogging. Wish I were like others out there who can religiously post everyday. I mean, sometimes we just have to take some time out and lose ourselves out there in cyberworld.
I can't remember when I started blogging, but I do remember the reason why I started. I was already thinking of resigning from work to teach scrapbooking and give tuition as well as make more time for my son who was going into primary one this year. The blog was supposed to be my advertising space for my works of art. It started out that way, but has now developed into my space for letting out steam, showing off my newest addition to the family and my musings whenever I feel like it.
I still scrap alot. But usually I'm just too lazy to take pics and post them on the blog. I look through other sb blogs and I get very inspired to take more pics of my work. But after I take them, I usually just leave it in my camera and am too lazy to transfer it onto my computer and then onto my blog! Hahaha! How lazy can one get?!
These days are lazier and "freeier". I've gotten used to the new routine and can now handle more things in a day than previously. As a fairly anal retentive person, I've gotta have my routines and my need for order satisfied. Sometimes, I think I'm anal to an extent that I even irritate myself. Luckily, I'm sane enough that I don't fixate on the minor stuff. I still gotta have a routine for doing stuff and I've gotta order and pack my stuff in a certain manner, but I don't require that everyone in my household or my universe do that. Thank goodness for that! When my friends see the way I pack my scrapbook stuff, they are very amazed at the amount of effort I put into making it orderly and neat. I can't chuck my stuff around even though I don't have the time to pack. I MUST pack all the stuff back even when the baby is already crying! Jeezzz.... am I nuts or what??!! Hahahaha! Nowadays, I try not to let the unpacked stuff drive me crazy. I just close both eyes and tell myself that once the baby calms down, I WILL pack those stuff back. Or I will carry bb and pack.
Ok, that's enough musing for the day. Will try to post more pics next time!!

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