Friday, August 22, 2008

Another day, another LO....

I did this for a competition at MWL. It was a scraplift challenge by Aida, my scrapping idol! LOL!

The requirements were that it had to have glitter, paint and butterflies/bird/moth. I thought it was an extremely interesting challenge and all three are my fav scrapping methods, especially the glitter.
Also, it allowed me to use the photo that I took 10 years ago in Nepal. I love that this photo seems mysterious, yet serene. Lonely yet peaceful. Old, yet graceful. There seems to be so many sentiments attached to this one photo. With a more artistic slant than is usual for me, I made this LO to show off the cracks on the wood with the crackle paint. The butterflies enhances the mysteries that the bench potrays and serves as a poignant reminder of our transient life. Glittering the felt on the chipboard butterfly, I also want to show that transient though our life is, there are always the beautiful and shiny parts that which we must treasure. The paint on the crackle has been mixed with glitter for an old/new effect. Glitter for the new, crackle for the old.


Louisa May said...

beautiful beautiful beatiful !!! And so different from your usual LOs yet carries your style ! Nice nice !! Do more more ! Where the rest ? thought there were 5 ????!!

jazsutra said...

WOWZA!!! Shir,you did a great job!!! and love that pic leh!must see the actual copy one day ;)yaleh,wherez the other 4??