Friday, March 11, 2011

What up?!

I just love this photos of Brianna. She's only 2half and she poses like a pro! I don't really like taking photos of myself alot and I have no idea where she learns all this posing things. From the tv programs she watches I think. So here's one with a "Smile for Me!"
This one here is a little sneak of a private class that I'll be teaching end of April. Any of you interested in a private class for yourself and friends, your company, do feel free to come on down to Laines and ask for more info. The classes can be tailored for your preference and we will come down to your prefered place at no extra cost for manpower! Good deal huh?!
Am I playing with my phone too much?! What's up?!? Heeheehee! Okie, here's what I've been up to recently. There's this really lovely Melissa Frances album that I'm doing for a kit for sale at Laines. It works this way. I create the album, pack a kit full of goodies that will go into the making of this album and sell it for this really fantastic price! Good deal right?! Hey! I seem to be making alot of good deals recently! Hahaha! Enjoy!
Even the inside of the albums are decorated! There are enough goodies in the pack for you to do this too! Especially if you need a project urgently and you don't have enough time to do it! Like for a special anniversary, Mother's Day, etc. This is something that can be completed in a snap! You can take pics too if you buy the kit!


itsaworkofart said...

Helloooooooo Shirley!
What up with you?? hee....
Hey! Thank you for dropping by my blog, i just manage to update it today...phew, i've never been soooo busy till my daughter goes to Primary 1. SO MANY homework!
i'm a terrible blogger lately, hee...
Nice album there and a lovely layout of your daughter;)
I'm loving the new Stella&Rose collection, that i bought a few for myself!

Hope to visit you @Laines soon!
Keep in touch.

sharon Ong said...

Very long never come and kajiao you... :) Missing meeting up with you. But glad you are enjoying time at home. (you are right?) haha :)

LiM said...

Hello dear, your artworks are simply amazing! I need a guestbook to occupy around 50-60 comments and a scrapbook to hold pictures of a baby from birth til 1 year old. This is to celebrate his 1st bday. Please let me know if you have any samples/ready made in place cus I need these books on 30th July noon. Kindly let me know how much they cost. Please contact me at 96567545 or email to to provide more information. Thank you so much and and I look forward to hear from you soon. Jamie