Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life goes on... Much faster!!

Sigh... I'm back from dream holiday... Even though I was throughly convinced by this trip that I'm a born and bred city gal, I still miss Perth and it's serenity and utterly slow pace of life. I would love to holiday there once in a while for a week or so... but I now know that I'll never be able to live there or anywhere too quiet long term. (Which was once my dream. Not Perth, but maybe somewhere nice and quiet)
I don't like the fact that I've gotta drive 10mins to get food. Or that all shopping malls close at 5pm even in summer. Or that there's utterly no one around you. Or that every morning, there's the sound of birds chirping instead of cars rumbling.
I love the city and I love Singapore. Yes, it's so crowded here. There's always people and they are mostly annoying. But Singapore has LIFE!! Perth seems sleepy and kinda... errrr... dead... The people here rush everywhere and I've gotten used to the rushing. When not rushing in Perth, it felt odd and I was quite discomfitted by it. Even the CBD area in Perth felt relaxing, like one of our more sleepy suburb area like maybe Ponggol. The whole of Western Australia is larger than the whole of Western Europe but it has only 2million people!!! Singapore can fit into one of their lakes and we have 4.5million people!! I know I said this before but I'm totally amazed by this! How I wish it were the other way around!
This is a typical busy busy day at the Fremantle Market. It will barely clasify as traffic in Singapore.
This is how crowded the beaches will get in summer! This is considered very very crowded by the locals! I can't imagine how the Aussies feel when they come here and see the horrendous crowds on weekends!!

I tried to find more pics of "crowded" places in Perth. I realized that only a couple had more than 20 people in it and our small family of 6 filled up most of the pics!!

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