Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's been a crazy, hectic couple weeks!

It's been crazy for me and it started on Dec 23rd. It was a headlong rush towards the new year and I'm finally able to breathe a little and get some blogging in. It's 6.45am here in SG and I got woken up by Bri. Again. She's already 20 months and still whines and babbles in the middle of the night or early in the morning. Sometimes, she'll cry incessantly through the night and then my night's a bummer coz I cant sleep once I wake up too many times. Sigh......
Another bummer.....
Husb left his whole pouch outside the house couple days ago. Neighbour found it and knocked on my door to give it back. (so sweet!) I checked and found wallet still intact but with money curiously missing. Didn't think much of the missing $$ cos he forgets to replace his cash quite often. Chatted with neighbour who gently reminds me (repeatedly though) that I must not do this anymore and I must always remember to bring in my keys too. (Left my keys outside a couple times too!)
When I got back in, I searched for husb's handphone and came up ziltch. Low level panic starts and I wake the husb up. Shook him and asked his where his handphone was. I then rattled everything in the pouch out and guess what? Out dropped a SIM card, an SD card and his empty wallet! His handphone, camera and cash had been taken!!!!!!
I was hopping mad!! He was like so completely careless!! Almost $600 in value was gone just like that! And we could not even make a police report cos it was NOT STOLEN! MY HUSBAND HAD LEFT EVERYTHING OUTSIDE AND INVITED OTHERS TO COME AND PLEASE HELP THEMSELVES!!!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!
So I'm one camera, one handphone and $20 poorer!
Wont be able to post much of anything the next couple days unless I manage to snag a cheap cheap cheap camera over the post xmas sale. Husb was desperate for a new handphone though. Served him right! I'm still mad... ...
Thankx for reading out my ranting. Hopefully, by the next post, I'll be able to get a new camera. A DSLR this time... But... where to get the $$$!??!!

A New Scrapbook Store!!! The Art Republic
Ok, back to happier news. I discovered a new scrapbook stall was opening when I went to Novena Square to have lunch. Incredibly, there was a scrapbook cart at the front door when I walked in and lunch was promptly forgotten! Hahahahaha! I browsed and chatted and found out that they were opening on New Year's day! 1st Jan 2010, 1pm. How cool was that, I thought!? Another SB store for me to blow my $$ on! Yeah!!
So for our local scrappers in SG, head on down to Novena Square on 1st Jan, 2010 at 1pm to see what goodies they unveil!


Rene' Sharp said...

So sorry about all your missing stuff!! Hope you manage to have a good New Year's Eve despite it! x

Anonymous said...

Check out Bishan Junction 8, they're having camera exhibition till Sunday, should be a little cheaper than outside, I think :-)) Hope you get a bright new better sharper DSLR soon!! Happy Shopping!! As for the new shop at Novena, it's gonna be paradise and hell for me hehehehe. Maybe I'll see you there tomorrow?!


eMeLiNe Seet said...

Congrats on you new gig ;) All the best in the coming year !

jazsutra said...

Oh shir!! sob sob for you too but nvm ya, those can be earned back. May you have a great new year filled with pure adventures and happy things -cheers-jaz

Yin said...

A very Happy New Year to you & your family Shirley, and so sorry to hear of all that horrid stuff that happened. Can imagine how terrible you must have felt.

Hope the new year will bring you well wishes & good health!!