Friday, November 20, 2009

Then and Now

Then and now. What a difference. And so fast. She's already 9months now and getting into so many things! Her big brother's truck is also fair play for her. She squeezed herself in and tried to get it to move and ended up toppling the whole truck over and her little head banged!
Then she decided that the night view was good and started her "King Kong" climb up the chair, table and finally the "pinnacle" of the "Empire State Building"!! What a little monkey. And she scaled it so fast!
Finally Dad decided that he needed to teach the little on how to build with the bricks. I hope she does not become too tom boyish cos the mummy wanted to save costs and space and decided to let the little girl play with "boy toys"!! But apparently, she loves the boy toys and can repeatedly play with Big Bro's toys over and over and over. And it helps that Big Bro seems interested in his little boy's toys again and is usually playing with the little sister. How sweet eh?!!


sollie said...

What a beautiful layout! Your daughter is such a cute girl.
xxx, Isolde

Uniquely Ella said...

Then and now she is soooooo cute and yes love the LO!

Bonibleaux Designs said...

OMY I love your page but the pics of your little girl are Adorable! Now Mom all good girls must learn to build things because when she gets older and gets married she will need these skills! LOL