Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Has it been almost one month??

When I saw the date on my last post, I thought, "Hey, Blogger ate some of my posts! Where did those posts go? I specifically remembered that I had posted some photos, some musings in between.... Or was that in my dreams? Hmmmmm..."
In reality, I must have forgotten to blog again! Why do I do this to myself? Why must keep up with this blogging thing? It's not as if I like such a popular personality and thousands read my blog everyday. Aside from my few really loyal friends, no one actually reads my blog. Hahahaha! I'm not belittling myself. I just wonder why I even blog really!
Recently I just got a new bag. It's a first for me. Not the buying of the bag. But the price tag that came with it. I have not bought such an expensive bag in my life. I enjoy the good things in life, just like anyone else. But to spend such an amount on a simple bag is just not my style. It's not like the bag costs a couple thousands, just a couple hundred. But still, it was a first for me and then I realized that it would not be the last. I finally understand why young girls are willing to blow their 1st paycheck on a thousand dollar bag. It's the thrill of buying and carrying it around for others to admire. And after buying my first couple hundred dollars bag, I'm now more willing to blow a few more couple hundred dollars on another branded bag. Would I carry on this way? Would I now think that a couple hundred dollars for a handbag is nothing? Would I start to lose my sense of perspective? Should I even allow myself a second expensive handbag?
In this current economic downturn, to even spend on this sort of frivolous thing seems very sinful to me. Especially when there are others out there who are living from hand to mouth. Not so much the adults. It's the kids. Are there kids out there who do not have enough to eat coz their parents had lost their jobs?
I think the next time I give in to my impulse to get another couple hundred dollars handbag, I should think of those kids out there who are eating only biscuits drinking water to assauge their hunger. Really. There are such kids out there. I have met them.....


Yin said...

Hey Shirley, i do miss reading your blog, and i was thinking how come you've never blogged since. So you can count me as one who will be reading your blog entries for sure!

Take it easy gal that it's alright to be upright busy with our daily lives, and it's ok to spend on yourself cause you are working so hard, and it's not like everyday you are buying yourself a nice looking bag.

You have a great week shirley!

sharon Ong said...

Hi Shirley! I got read leh! :o) And thanks for your sympathetic words on my blog!

Edleen said...

has the bag arrived to you yet? ;) must bring along next time we meet yeah.

where's photos of the layouts and projects you did? show!

see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shirley, Georgina here. No photos of your latest bag? Enjoy reading your blog :-)