Monday, February 9, 2009

Inspiration from a good scrapper pal!

Righto! Here's two of my "Jaz inspired" layouts. Hmmmm... recently, I seem to be copying her alot leh! Hahaha! But then again, imitation is the best form of compliment!
Jaz loves to cut and cut and cut and layer and layer and layer. I dont have that kind of patient nor skill. But I love how she mixes the different elements and textures on a single art work. The skill with which she expertly puts one embellishment on top of another is simply genius! Over here, I have taken K&Co's newest line (jeez, I cant remember the name!) and cut out the many gorgeous flowers and trims. I have layered as much as I could before I got fed up and tired of cutting! The result was a fairly successful mix of my usual linear style and Jaz's layered shabby chic.

A Perfect Moment In Time

Over here, I took a Creative Imaginations shaped pp and cut out the center. I used cardboard to line the frame to make it "pop". (again, jaz's idea!) Then I cut out the designs and layered it all over the LO. I'm actually quite happy with this LO. I really like the group of smallish photos of Brianna. The photos chronicles the journey of the little baby to the cutey "Fat Fat" she is today! The circle shaped pp represents the eternal circle of life.

A Collection Of Beautiful Memories


jazsutra said...

Shir,sui sui leh!! so proud of you with the cutouts and Gosh so honoured that i can inspire fella scrappers and scrapper friends like you .look fwd to more of your page.hopping over to inspireMe.;)-jaz

sharon Ong said...

Hey you got bitten by the cutting bug also! Nice job! And please don't feed scrapbooking paper to the baby - your husband's gonna kill me. haha. Have a good week!

Edleen said...

Beautiful layouts Shirley!!! wanna see more :D

Yin said...

Thanks shirley for nice words, and yup this is one of those days where i hated it totally, and time just seem to go by so slowly.

Totally agree that our little ones keep us happy and sane most of the times. I just cannot imagine how life would be without these little darling of ours.

Have a great day gal!!

p.s totally love your cut out & layering for your son's LO, it must have taken you loads of time to work on it. wonder when it'll be my turn to try out such intricate LO. Beautiful!!