Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Now we are Frenz By Choice

J & I met each other 1st. I had admired her gorgeous work on Scrappers Loft. So I PMed her and she was so estatic that someone actually liked her work! From there, we chatted and then progressed to cropping together. Then, she was still preggie with Sky.
I decided to subscribe to a kit, Scarlet Lime. L was the organiser. I collected the kit from her place and stood outside her house and chatted like old friends for nearly 15mins while poor DH waited down below for me. Then I was preggie with Bri. I organised a crop for SL kitters and we went to L's hse for the 1st time. Subsequently, I persuaded J to join us for crops and that was how the 3 of us became fast and close friends!
Journalling reads : When we met, it was by chance. But now, 2 years later, we are frenz by choice.


Louisa May said...
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Louisa May said...

So nice So nice !!!! I wanna zap this too !!! And so touching - i'm teary already :P Honestly, without your infectious passion for SB, think i would have given this hobby up long ago ! So you're not gonna be able to get rid of me anytime soon ! hahha And so glad we've gone beyond SB to be firm friends too :)

jazsutra said...

Shir,the title touched my i read on my eyes welled up in tears oredy,like lou (we all nov babies mar,can easilyly cry one).now i hardly cud see the keyboard !!!this page is GORGEOUS.luv it luv it to depth!thanks shir for this lo and for the frenship.thanks SL for being my ScarletLimers!

Edleen said...

what a lovely layout!!!

have a great week :)

Jemma said...

ove this lo amazing!! love all the details you include!